Tuesday, May 20, 2008

If not now, when?

I reported for work this morning feeling kind of down. Work has become uninspiring. Past practice has demonstrated that we can no longer advance to the upper tiers of the department through achievement, but by friendships and political sponsorship. Do I love what I do? Yes. Do I love being a cop? Yes. Do I give my job my all? Yes. Then what could it be? Could it be the waste of resources? Could it be the chronic cronyism? Could it be the lack of leadership? Yes. Yes. Yes. The time has come for change. As we cannot do it from within the organization, due to the present command structure which punishes those who speak out or do not agree with the way things are done. Therefore the time has come to change from outside the organization. To change from a politically "appointed" director and command staff, to an "elected sheriff." A sheriff elected by the people, who represents the people--all the people, not just the mayor's and police director's friends and supporters. We can no longer just stand by and watch things get progressively worse. We must work together. I've decided to become a community organizer. I urge you to take hold of the future of Miami-Dade County. People tell me I can't change the world, and people won't appreciate me trying. I believe we can do our part to see that it bends toward fairness and merit. We know what the cynics will say. We've heard from them all our lives. These are the voices that will tell you - not just what you can't do - but what you won't do. Citizens won't come together - our allegiance doesn't go beyond our political party. This is the soft sell of the status quo, the voice that tells you to settle because settling isn't that bad. In communities across Miami-Dade County, block by block, we can bring the community together, gather signatures from registered voters, and fight to bring Miami-Dade Police Department back to being the great department that it once was--by changing the county charter. The decisions we make today will shape the century that our children grow up in. I have not served the county for over two decades to stay on the sidelines at a time when we need to step up to the challenge. If we don't rise up to seize this moment, then we may not get another.


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horseshoe said...

Many of us that are retired from the Miami-Dade Police Dept (MDPD)have been warning people for some time now that this has been, is, and will continue to occur until there's law suits or a drastic change occurs. Since the current Director of the MDPD has taken over with the full blessing of our illustrious Mayor, nepotism and cronyism have infested the Dept., resulting in the formation of different factions. Those opposed to the Mayor will see no future within the MDPD. The elected Sheriff will be a great start to ending a system without checks and balances. The County Commission appears to be helpless in correcting this manner since the Mayor has full control of the Department Directors, especially his "Baby," the MDPD Director. The MDPD needs outside intervention and support for its hard working rank and file.

sadoldpo said...

Miami Dade County needs an elected Sheriff.

We are the only County in Florida that appoints the Sheriff.

The Mayor - not the people - control the Sheriff.

Want to feel protected - vote to give the people a say - a say in who is Sheriff!

maverick said...

Where do I sign up to put an end to this madness. I'll endorse the bum living under the bridge before I give my vote to that corrupt Mayor of ours. Just an fyi Mr. Mayor, In this country (USA), you are allowed to vote and endorse who ever you want. I think I read that somewhere. Oh, I know, I read it in the U.S. Constitution. It's that piece of paper thats being around for over 200 years, they keep it in the nations capital. Mr. Mayor, I dont know if you know this, but we are not in Cuba anymore. Remember, thats why we left. Can we say "Oppression" boys and girls. Oh, one more thing, just a friendly warning, next time you decide to send someone over to my work location to retaliate againts me for alledgedly not endorsing you, send a man over, not Oscar Vigoa. Let the games begin. I'll keep in touch...besos Ciao

CONCEPT008 said...


maverick said...

well boys and girls, I'm back again. What a sad day it is when a crooked cop, Chief Ricky Smith, can make decisions that affect the future of honest and hard working police officers. What a disgrace that this particular individual, who has a horrid FDLE past for drug trafficking, weapon violations and prostitution is in charge of the department's most sensitive units, Internal Affairs, Public Corruption and Homeland Security. This idiot wouldn't even have a clue on how to defend our country. But, I'll make a promise to every decent member of our department, that I'm going to shortly exposed the corruption in this place, even at the cost of my own law enforcement career. All you did Director Parker was awaken a sleeping giant. More to follow on the corrupt scumbags in the MDPD upper Command Staff.

maverick said...

To the people that I have fought alongside in the same battlefields, spilled blood and suffered losses together, I like to share this quote with you.

" Life is not about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. About how hard you're willing to get hit and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done".

Our corrupt Mayor, Director and Chief Ricky might have won some minor battles, but we will prevail in the end. I hold steadfast in my beliefs and will never surrender my values. I have lived a life of honor and courage, and I'll be dammed if they take that away from me. There is nothing that they can do to me, that they havn't done to me already. I am not afraid of any of those corrupt individuals, and they know it.

Sheriff2B said...

Get the word out! We can only succeed if we band together. There is strength in numbers. While they continue to use intimidation methods to maintain the status quo and coerce compliance, they cannot hurt us collectively. It is amazing how low some people have stooped to get promoted. Even those who we once thought had some integrity. They go with the flow and even lie for them. WAKE UP AND STAND UP!

LVQT said...

Interesting info ref 2004 mayor's campaign fund donations & employee donations "highlights only": 8 (employees) from director's office, Parker $250; 10 - PCB & Public Corruption (were combined then)--Gentile $250 & wife $250, Ricky Smith $250 & Vicky Smith $250;6 - Legal Bureau lawyers @ $250 each; 12 - Media Relations, Linda O'Brian $250, Denis Moralis $250; 15 - Personnel Mgt, Mundy Valdes $250, Maria Vigoa $250, Barbara Erched $250; 32 - Intergovernmental, Frank Vecin $250, Kevin Vecin $100, Wanda Vecin $250; Larry Buck $250; 7 - Police Services, Sheila Thomas $250, Dak Simonton $100; 11 - Community Affairs; 11 - Robbery; 11 - Narcotics; 31 Criminal Intelligence/SSIB...to name a few. Every person promoted during the time frame donated.

I40uturn said...

MDPD.Your on the right track...
Remove the Mayor first....
Find a friend in the F.B.I.
You guys can do it....
Crime can't be stopped by criminals...
Document...Photo...Written statements....Records...
Collect it all and make it public.....
Things will happen....

maverick said...

hello boys...how sad is it that only in this corrupt department of ours, a thieving scumbag lieutenant, Willie Vigoa, can steal $8,000.00 in night differential pay and get way with it because, his Assistant Director brother, Oscar Vigoa, is friends with our corrupt Mayor. As a result, the two best command staff members that we had, were forced to retire. WOW...That is why we need an elected sherrif...Lets band together people and beat these corrupt individuals before it's too late.

Bert Gonzalez said...

I have been getting inquiries about comments made here by someone using the name of "maverick." Many of you know me by the same nickname, which was given to me by my Midwest squad back in 1988. I want to make it perfectly clear here and now, that I did not make these commentaries, and perhaps it is by mere coincidence that this person is using my nickname, or somehow using it deliberately to deflect his/her commentary to me. I do not know. I don't want any misunderstanding here, and anyone who wishes to take issue with this may feel free to contact me.

maverick said...

you're not the only "Maverick" around pal, you have nothing to worry about. Wow..guilty conscience or, I get it now, we know who's side your on. Remember, it's a free country, we use whatever fucking name we want...another email tough guy, "feel free to contact me"... and fyi, nobody knows who you are..ciao tough guy

sadoldpo said...

Let’s be productive….

If we are looking at this blogspot, you can be sure that members of the media are looking too.

If you really want to make a difference, to rid the department of corruption and nepotism, to take the politics out of policing then this is your chance. It’s quick and easy. - encourage everyone you know who has facts to post them here. Post them now!

Let’s steer the media and the citizens in the right direction. Let’s tell them where to look so they can reveal all the inappropriate or even illegal acts that have been swept under the carpet, hidden from the public by the current regime.

Stick to facts it will give strength to the cause. Try to provide as much of the Who, What, Why, When, Where and How as possible.

If you are worried about the repercussion – don’t. Blogging is not illegal and it can be done covertly.

Create an email address on Yahoo or Google Gmail (they are free)
Then come back to this blogspot and post your comments under a blog name you select. Only your blog name will show. Nothing will link back to your email address. A subpoena would be needed to find out the email address that the screen name goes to. To get the subpoena there would need to be criminal investigation. Being “heard” in blogs is not illegal.

P.S. kudos to “maverick” whoever you may be. At least you have the backbone to take a stand. If more people chose to air the department’s dirty laundry instead of assisting (directly or indirectly by not talking) our department would be a better more efficient place for everyone.

maverick said...

We needed an elected sheriff the day Carlos Alvarez took office. This lying, manipulating thug wannabe, will stop at no cost to impose his corrupt agenda via his buddy Parker. And now, I'm hearing that Oscar Vigoa will be our next Director...WOW.."de Guatamala a Guatapeor". For my none spanish speaking friends, that means from bad to worse. No thanks, I'll keep Parker (not)...Thanks for fucking up a once proud and honorable department Carlos... ps. I'm using a different penn name, since there is only one "Maverick", Bert Gonzalez. Is this name ok with you Bert. Fucking idiot.

Cop said...

Why the name maverick

VDLV said...

MDPD's IA is corrupt. If they want to get you they'll trump up a "ghost" complainant to investigate you. If a complaint is made against one of their friends or family members, they will not investigate it at all and at the most write a "memo to file." If they find out or think they know who made the complaint they'll come after you, your friends, and your family--even though the allegation is true. The feds needs to step in and take a look. God help you all.

maverick said...

You are absolutely right about that. That's because who heads IA is the most corrupt, pathological lying scumbag in the department, Ricky Smith. A criminal with an FDLE file. What a disgrace of a department we have. We have far surpassed the City of Miami in that category. And don't even get me started with the corrupt PBA and its leaderless leader, John Rivera. Another piece of shit scumbag.

grits said...

rumor has it that 2 just off probation p.o.'s are being fired because of nepotism, funny thing is neither of them was acused of any wrong doing. Rumor say's they are being fired because a family member no longer with dept (retired) is being accused of nepotism. What happen to there rights!
While on the subject of nepotism,who approved the hiring of Kalika Parker,R.Lewis Parker Jr,
Carol Patterson, Kevin Becin,Michael Alvearez,are you saying that there is no nepotism there!!

grits said...

Budget Crunch!! What a Joke !!
Andrea Braynon close friend of a certain MDPD - AD remained on MDPD payroll for 1 year after she was allegedly fired for lying on her application for "theft". All the while the same MDPD AD got her another position in another county entity. It's not what you know that gets you the job but who you know! Makes you wonder where your tax money is going!!

maverick said...

Not only did she remain on the payroll for a year, she stayed home the whole time colleting the paycheck. WOW....Kevin Vecin?.. Isn't his father Frank Vecin, who is buddy buddy with Carlos Alvarez, that got promoted to Chief from the rank of Police Officer. Now if that isn't the most fucked up thing ever, I dont know what is....Fuck taking a promotional test and moving up the ranks. I wannabe buddies with Carlos...NOT

maverick said...

And why not "Maverick". However, I have to check with Bert, everytime I penn a blog. Since they gave him that name in Midwest. WOW ...and who is Bert anyways. Probably some career slug, tucked away in some meaningless job in county government. No one knows who you are Bert. Take a chill pill.

VDLV said...

Tuesday is the cut-off for someone to run against Alvarez for mayor. He is basically going to run unopposed. The fear of retaliation or being investigated for an "anonymous" complaint is too heavy. The influence that the mayor has over the Public Corruption Bureau is frightening. Ricky Smith, who is a frequent campaign contributor, is over this bureau. Is there time for someone to run? The run-off is August 26.

maverick said...

The way this fucked up county is being run by these scumbags is the reason no one wants to run. The Mayor who is the supreme dictator, can instruct our cowardly command staff, public corruption, headed by Chief Ricky who has an FDLE file, to initiate any investigation that he likes on any candidate that decides to oppose him. Elected Sheriff people. Get the word out; Herald, new media and any one who will listen. Lets put an end to this bullshit.

VDLV said...

A Herald Columnist recently expressed disappointment in how our Mayor failed to fight the commission after they overrode his veto to allow expansion of construction which will infringe the Everglades. The Mayor obviously did not really want to prohibit construction, but was merely playing both sides of the fence as it is an election year. This was before he realized he would not be opposed for all intent and purposes. Here's who's donated to his campaign, by "occupation," thus far (thru May)out of 1,818 contributors: CONSTRUCTION - 48, CONTRACTOR - 39;PLUMBING - 15; ELECTRIC - 19; SECURITY - 13; ROOFING - 2, FOREMAN - 1, DRYWALL, GLASS, SUPPLY, WINDOW, SOLAR, LUMBER, ASPHALT/PAVING, HARDWARE, FIRE SPRINKLER, AIR CONDITIONING - 21; EQUIPMENT - 8INTERIORS – 7; CABINETS,KITCHENS, APPLIANCES – 6; STONE – 5; GLASS, TEXTILE, METAL, ALUMINUM, CARPET – 7; WASTE – 16; SURVEYER, APPRAISER, BUILDING INSPECTOR – 4; REAL ESTATE - 165; DEVELOPER - 49; PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - 3; ATTORNEY/LAW FIRM - 111; ARCHITECT - 23; ENGINEERING - 86; MARKETING - 34; CONSULTING, MANGEMENT, LOGISTICS - 46; BANKING/FINANCE/INVESTIMENT/MORTGAGE/CPA - 140; INSURANCE – 23; GOVERNMENT CONSULTANT – 15; POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEES – 8; LOBBYING – 2; NON-PROFIT MANAGER – 14; TRANSPORT – 6; TRUCKING – 2; TOWING – 10 (Most of these have the County contract); TAXI CO. – 4; LANDSCAPE – 7; FARM, PRODUCE – 5; SUPERMARKET – 3; AUTO DEALER – 24, AUTO REPAIR, BODY, TIRES – 6; GAS, OIL – 3; AIRLINE, AVIATION – 12; SHOPPING CENTER, MALL – 3; PARKING – 3; STORAGE, CONTAINER – 4; MARINA – 1; YACHT – 1; RACETRACK – 2; PHYSICIAN – 24, HEALTHCARE, MEDICAL – 70; MEDIA, MEDIA CONSULTANT – 9; CIGAR CO. – 5; TELECOMM. – 8; SPORTS, GAMING, HOTEL - 5; FPL EXEC. – 3.

The “Milton” family, who manage properties throughout Dade County, has also contributed substantially through the various businesses they have registered. Under “35” ($17,500) different business names, and 8 ($4,000) personal accounts under Jose, Alec, Alexander Maurice, Diana and Eric Milton and their partner Rex Barker. They also are strong lobbyists.
Lobbyist Manuel & Gloria Arias $1,000. (City of Miami fame, builder).
Don’t see many average citizens. Yep, “integrity” is Carlos’ middle name. County employees to follow…

maverick said...

I'm back boys...sorry for the silence, but I have to relay some information to all my close and personal friends out there. Rumors around MDPD has it, that our beloved and favorite pathological lying Chief, Ricky Smith, is sleeping with the department's semen recepticle, Nikki, last name ends with a "z". I thought our beloved Chief Ricky was married. Oh wait a minute, isn't that the same Chief that got thrown out of Internal Affairs as a sergeant for having a hooker, girlfriend or whatever the hell it was in his county car at Tropical Park in the early 90's. Way to go Mr. Morals. Wow the head of IA, PCIB and Homeland Security. God help us. Oh, I almost forgot. There are rumored pictures of the lovely couple in there adulterous affair, having a great time on there weekend getaway trips. Can't wait to get my hands on them. God I hope you losers are trying to find out who I am.

maverick05 said...

To Bert Gonzalez, butch up and grow a set....To Maverick, great job, why would they give Bert the nickname Maverick? Doesn't it mean what he isn't?

maverick05 said...

Here is the latest, PCB is anything but professional, the Director is way over his head in trying to head this department, and this is why we are no longer the same. Chief Theobald is the worst legal advisor the department has ever had. He could not find the law if it tripped over him.
The major at intracoastal district is providing private security (police patrols with emergency lights on) in the Jewish community from 8p-8a...
The major at Northside is protecting a lieutenant who is abusive to all who disagree with her. What lieutenant at Northside stood by as a police officer had to fight with a family by herself, oh by the way, did she the LT have a gun belt on. Someone has to tell North 2 that he is not the man he thinks he is.....Can he write anymore stupid idiotic emails or memos?
Leadership has left the house and has been replaced by incompetency. Fellow officers do not allow them to get away with abusing you, band together, support each other and we will prevail......

fed-up said...


fed-up said...


Mambu81 said...

I do not know if an elected sheriff would be the answer, but, as a thirty-plus year veteran of this department, I can say with conviction that the current system cannot get any worse. I sincerely believe that Director Parker - in his heart - is a bad man...misguided, ill-advised by his inner circle, a victim of the Peter Principle...a resounding yes! Chief Ricky Smith, on the other hand, therein lies a deadly combination: stupid and evil. Nepotism has indeed hit unpresedented heights, and with it has followed waste, incompetency at the highest levels, and, while presently still concealable, the fiscal, operational, and ethical challenges that this leadership vacuum will bring. Those consequences will be felt harshly and longterm.

maverick05 said...

I have to agreed, I do not know if the elect sheriff system would be better, but......I would love to at least try it, a change is needed. Parker was given the reins of this department and much was say about him being the first african american director. No offense but how does that fact help the men and women of this department. How does that inspire police officers to really believe that we of all enities have a fair system. Much is said about police standards and yet our command staff does not set those standards. Police officers in this department is getting sick and tired of aspiring unexperienced supervisors trying to make a name for themselves at our expense. Keep this going, get our fellow police officers to express themselves on this site and together we will make a change....

fed-up said...

I wish the media would pick-up on what is going on but I honestly believe that the corruption goes much further than the police department and local government. It is my understanding that when Brian Andrews was doing the Friends and Family report that he got a phonecall from John Rivera telling him to STOP. I guess it worked because he left us hanging. I am glad he left the area because he should not call himself an investigative reporter when he dropped the ball like that. Perhaps Michelle Gilliam is not afraid look what she exposed at the jail.
I don't think that law suits are the answer either because they do not pay, the taxpayers of Dade County are the one's who pay. The people making the decisions need to be held accountable. Until thar happens nothing will change.

maverick said...

Let me tell you something about John "Fatboy" Rivera. He is another pathetic, lying, scumbag piece of shit, who is in bed with Parker and Alvarez. He has chosen to defend a known sexual predator who was fired for the second time for sexual harrassmaent and has gone after the person that exposed this sexual deviant. Not only did he attempt to smear,defame and embarass an offcer with an impeccable record, who also happens to be a PBA member, paying dues every paycheck, he allowed his chronies to interfere in an open IA case. That is who your Union leader is, a wannabe Tony Soprano. Nothing but a fucking thug coward.

maverick said...

Oh..my apologies to Bert for using his patented name of "Maverick". I would also love to discuss things with you, as you requested in your posting Bert. Once again, who the hell are you. Oh wait a minute, you must be in some meaningless job in county government. I guess you have issues with "Maverick05". 05 please stop or Bert will be upset. Next time I want to be "Goose" so I don't offend Bert. Or maybe "Slider" or "Gester",...Or wait, how about "Merlin". No no wait, I got it, I'll be "Iceman". Nah, I'll stick with Maverick. At least "Maverick" has balls. Bert, your pathetic. You made "Maverick" sound like a pussy in your posting. Oh well, In the words of another great "maverick", 05 "GROW A SET"...and Bert, if you know who I am, do yourself a favor by not calling me. You'll only piss me the fuck off....ciao boys...

maverick said...

Ok, now back to the issue at hand. How many times Bobby, is your boy Ricky, going to embarass you. I guess he must have explicit pictures of you and Alvarez. I don't know and i don't get it. Thanks for fucking up the department. You guys are AWESOME. One more thing, I called Major Donald Rifkin from our Professional Compliance Bureau for some guidance on our sexual harrassment policy and they told me that he was on leave? No comprende here. Please advice. Thank you.

BlueLobo said...

I strongly believe there are many in our department (MDPD) who believe in the choice of having an elected sheriff than an appointed director. I, for one, have believed that is the way it always should have been. You only answer to the people and not a commission. With each appointed director, there is always the possibility of the wrong people promoting to positions of leadership which they have no business being in. I need not mention examples...they are prevailant in our department. In case anyone has forgotten, it is the welfare of the officers first, then the accomplishment of department goals. I can only tell you from personal experience that the few times I had the opportunity to work for a commanding officer who looked out for me...I worked at 110% for them. That has only occurred once that I can recall. Everyone afterward have been punishing good cops for the sake of "saving face." In good times and bad, good leadership knows how to move his troops and manage the bureaucrats. Someone mentioned that the media may read these blogs. They probably do and don't care. Unfortunately, they are no help either unless it is exposing "bones" in someones closet. The truth is that change is definitely needed. It can only happen when we can get everyone together believing the same idea of better leadership through proven track records and not pulling favors or @$$ kissing.

maverick05 said...

Change is definitely needed and in order not to continue to promote those who are incapable of leadership, we need to change the promotional procedures and qualifications. Whether through cronyism, favors, political or promotions, bad supervisors are bad. An elected sheriff can work but checks and balances needs to be in place.

Look at Northside district where you have a major who is incapable of making any decisions that involves moral. You have a GIU Lieutenant that is wreaking havoc, you have an afternoon Lieutenant who is plain incapable and unable to know what to do, yet failed to assist an officer fighting with subjects. A Captain, who talked a good game, turns out to be a walking idiot, with memos after memos with idiotic statements and threats. This Captain , who told officers that if they had any problems to come to him, because nothing could be done unless it goes to him…Well, they went to him and he gave them the typical management answer, nothing he could do about it…..The lieutenant is still there transferring those who stand up to her, one by one…. Captain, who are a real leader, continue to threaten us, we will follow you.

Headquarter are involved in more stuff than a soap opera…Carmen P, Ricky Smith, Robert Parker, Lt Vigoa, the Major at communication whose wife called 911 asking for help (shhhhhhh, no one is suppose to know) the Major at PCB, poor guy, in the name of___________, he felled….Maybe others to be names later….., What a great pool of leadership…I’m inspired!

maverick05 said...

oops,great job Maverick,this bert guy has not gotten the courage to get back on again, then again we knew that...Maybe we should give him a new nickname, "almost maverick," "balless maverick," or "used to be maverick." Anyway, Maverick keep up the good job........05

maverick said...

dittos mav 05.......

maverick said...

I can't wait to retire from this disgraceful department, so I can get the hell out of this corrupt county. But in the meantime, I'll keep voicing my feelings about this place to anyone that will listen. Lets see, the Mayor (Carlos Alvarez) has complete control. He hires, promotes and runs the police department. Has a complete moron (Robert Parker)running the police department, who is influenced by a bigger corrupt idiot (Ricky Smith), is given legal advice by a professional gambler (Glen Theobald) and has the Union President, a balless and sexual deviant defender (John Rivera) in his back pocket. So, what hope or future is there for this county. These next four years can't come fast enough. That a retired school teacher with no backing or funding got 60k votes says a great deal about our inept Mayor, A newspaper (Miami Herald) that is afraid of the Mayor and fails to inform the public of the widespread corruption and nepotism in the police department. A politically connected police lieutenant (Willie Vigoa) that embezzled night differential monies and got away with it, only because his brother (AD Vigoa) is friends with the Mayor. That the only to decent and honorable command staff members that we had were forced to retire, because they proceeded forward with the embezzling case against Lt. Vigoa, which also happens to have a heavy hand when it comes to women....and so on, and so on and so on...

Until we have an elected sheriff, things will continue in the same corrupt and pathetic manner that it as. Fred Taylor built and left us a great department. Turned it over to Carlos Alvarez, only for it to be involved in a soap opera of deceipt, nepotism, corruption and retaliation. This is probably the only place in America that if you publicly voice an opinion against mistreatment and abuse, you get severely dealt with. Wait a minute, I'm wrong, Cuba is the same way. The only difference between Dade County and Cuba is that, in Cuba they line you up in front of a wall and you are executed by a firing squad. Maybe thats what this pricks are planning next, who knows. So much for Freedom of Speech. God help us and this community.

fed-up said...

I will fight this Department until I leave it in 2yr. I just can't sit back and complain I have to do something. The reason that they go after females is that they lack the male attributes that the females have that stand-up against what is right. It has beenmy experience that when you push them to the wall that they became like females (little girls). Please don't get me started on PARKER what an Idiot if I am going to promote a black person then I am going to promote someone who is going to make me look good. What is up with BUCK and Ferguson? If it was me I would promote someone who can at least pass the Captain's test. A good leader can look great if they surround themselves with sharp people. But let's not get started on the people who did pass the test and have lost all of their male attributes Victor, Randy, Glenn, Alex. I am sorry Maverick that you still have 4 yrs to go , it is going to be a long 4 yrs.

T said...

As a retired MDPD, I totally agreed. In my opinion, Bobby Parker has done a great job, however as long as Carlos Alvarez is in power, Carlos will continue to run the MDPD. I am glad this is his last term. I voted ABC, ANYONE BUT CARLOS.

maverick05 said...

To T, I will always respect someone else opinion, but sometimes that opinion does not have all of the facts. Bobby Parker has not done a great job, he is one of the worst Directors in the past thirty years….He is incapable of managing his department. To blame Alvarez is to blame him, for promoting Chief Smith, Major Thompson, Major Buck, Chief Thomas, Major Ferguson, these are the people he picked…..Both Thomas and Ferguson has ruin the morale at Northside District, Buck speaks for himself and What can I say about Smith…You can blame Alvarez for the other promotions but how do you explain Friends and Family? Parker is the Director, the buck stops there, if he allowed Alvarez to control him, then it is time for a change……We have allot of great black supervisors and yet….they are not promoted…..friends and family are….So in my opinion, parker has been a great disappointment……Trust me……
Oh, by the way…I heard that idiot captain at Northside district called off a chase where a police officer was struck by the vehicle they were chasing…..Captain think for a minute, really think…..captain bars does not make an incompetent person competent, a captain bars does not make a fool a leader, most importantly, captains bars does not make and idiot a genius. The men and women at Northside station do not like you anymore than the men and women of Northwest, or police operations bureau. Why do you think they did not take you into SRT? A captain who brags about how many Police officers he had a hand in firing, is a guy who missing a main ingredient in his character…
Back to Intracoastal district, there a lieutenant there who is the PBA treasurer and yet he has no problem in kissing ass with management, even at the cost of police officers. The major there is sod far up the butt of the Jewish community, he is using the police officers there as personal security for the Jewish community.
These are just the tip of the iceberg of what is going on in this department under parker…
Lastly, this monster has grown so big that even our civilian employees in this department is under attack…….more to follow

LVQT said...

Is it true the Chief Lenny Burgess is part of the complaint made by "Major" Carmen Pichardo for sexual harassment? It's not just Major Don Rifkin,is it? Are they relieved of duty?

LVQT said...

Is it true that "Chief" Lenny Burgess is relieved of duty as well as "Major" Don Rifkin for sexually harassing "Major" Carmen Pichardo? Sounds like a soap opera. I heard Carlito was not going to help Carmen this time. It was nice seeing her father's, Fulgencia Castro, picture on the Miami Herald website...not favor paybacks there. Also, "Chief" Frank Vecin on the front page of the local section with Carlito. Keep studying for captain all of you lieutenants! They appreciate the effort. You'll need all that knowledge to make major or chief or AD or director...

fed-up said...

How long can the Police Departemt continue to cover-up what is going on with Carmen and the boys. Please do not tell me that FDLE who is involved is also protectiong the Department. Where can one go to expose what is going on certainly not PCB. This really has me concerned. If it was an officer who's wife accused him of hitting her it would be all over the media with media relations providing a press release. Why does't the media expose the fact that it was Carlos who promoted Carmen after her father assisted in his election. It is obvious that the city of Miami Chief does not have the support from the media over his Lexus. But then again they have a union who fights for its employees.

fed-up said...

Hey just because Carmen did not pass the Captains test does not mean that she is not smart. She will do whatever it takes to save her a--. That means bringing anyone down who she can. Remember boys it is all about the patch so be careful.

maverick05 said...

Speaking of PCB, what a shake-up going on there.....Something about the Major trying to get some while trying help a fellow command staff..What about several PCB detectives getting the shaft while caught up in this big mess. Yet, mums the word is the official word by the department...All hush, hush...Hmmm, if the players were regular police officers,no rank frank, this would have made the news and certainly the department would have handed out punishment to all involved..To include the Chief who is still the Chief.....This is why this department is so whacked. Leadership has left the house, oops, something that was never present cannot leave. I have to agreed with "fed-up" How long can the Police Departemt continue to cover-up what is going on with Carmen and the boys?

Maximus said...

I'm glad some of these corrupt brass asses are getting in trouble. It's about time the pendulum swing back to those who are really at fault instead of the rank and file trying to just to a job. If anyone needs it, I have Chief Willie admitting that discrimination exists within the Dept "in depo". It's funny he'd admitt that since he once told me, in response to a tennis invitation, that he does play with "white boys". I recently retired because I was sick of the discrimination. I wanted to work in the Mortgage Fraud Unit. I hold a real estate and mortgage brokers license and at one point I ran my own mortgage business but when I spoke to Lt Cynthia Mechanic (black) about working for her, she was very optimistic in our first and only conversation which was face to face. She then refused to return my calls. This was at a time when she was expanding the unit by three-fold and had a few immediate openings. I guess I was just too big and white for her and the other black supervisors there. I don't know for certain but I could imagine that with 34 years in policing, OCB background, supervisory experience, halfway through law school, and still the productivity of the energy bunny, I'd say my qualifications outshined most if not all those working there. I hope all the corrupt brass get it right where the sun don't shine. As far as Mayor Alvarez goes.....he can suck my night stick. I can only imagine what kind of corrupt deal was made to prevent anyone from running against him for a second term. For those of you who don't know, Jimmy Morales opposed Alvarez the first time. He graduated Harvard Law School at the top of his class. He served this community many years "honestly". Alvarez won due to morons being bussed to the poles and there were probably a few other reasons or rather organizations that got him and continue to keep him in office. When you work with corruptable influences, you eventually show your own corruption. When will someone be able to expose this guy?

maverick said...

well said Maximus...Let's see here, Chief (Racist) Willie, Chief (lying corrupt scumbag) Ricky, Chief (Imcompetent) Sheila, wait a minute, is it me or is there a pattern here. hmm, now now now,not a color thing here, could care less about a persons color,but a definite pattern of EXTREME RACISM, CORRUPTION and IMCOMPETENCE. See folks, I worked with these clowns back in the old midwest days and, i can tell you that together they might, maybe, perhaps equal half a brain. They can't even tell you about any thing significant that they did as cops. PATHETIC...Awesome job Parker, your not even worthy of your title

maverick05 said...

The one thing that I can tell anyone on this site, you don't have to apologize if you point out the oblivious; it is not a color thing, but a wrong thing. We as the rank and file are complaining, not white or black or Hispanic or female, we, the rank and file.....Morale sucks not just because Parker is the Director, it is because management sucks, you know who you are. Do we have good supervisors, of course, how do I know? Look at the names listed on this blog, it is consistent. Jeter, Thompson, Buck, Erched Patterson of yes they are included because they do nothing to enhance the moral problems. Smith, Thomas, Ferguson, Cooper, Ronczkowski, (this guy has a big problem with females and minority), GUERRA (big time __________), Fischer and Heller are good guys but will do nothing for the men and woman under their command, they are just happy to be a chief, no back bone especially Heller, Buchholz, she has an bye for now because she is at hqtrs, but we remember her when she was a district commander, Odio also get a bye because he is lost at hqtrs, but we know why his nickname is Johnny Hate, The list goes on and on, maybe someone else can add to it……You you see it is not just an ethic thing but just a bad thing……..Maximus, we feel you, it is not about experience and knowledge, that is why we are in the situation we are in today. Friends and Family was not a figment of our imagination, it was for real…..the Major there did nothing because Ms. Director is there, and the only qualification you needed for training bureau was black. I hate to say that but as police officer we are taught to call it like we see it. Remember GIU airport, it was a Hispanic thing and that was equally wrong…… We need to band together and it does not matter if you are a current police officer or retired, if you care, we all care and we can do something….To those who have read this blog, sign up and write your comments, whatever it may be, it will be welcome…Good, bad, or informational, all comments are welcome….This is why I signed on, do and voice you opinions….

fed-up said...

Oh my goodness!!! I hear that the Training Bureau has an opening and they want to fill it with a white guy. I will believe it when I see it. Oh and by the way they are moving a Senior Sgt. 30yrs. from the Airport District to make room for a newly promoted black female sergeant who happens to be the best friend and one time roommate of Bobby's daughter. Oh and by the way the newly promoted Sergeant went to the Airport District just after probation And right after Bobby"s daughter went to the Airport(just after making promotion) It is about time that senior officer's stand-up and take the Department to task for age discrimination because that is what it is.

Maximus said...

You have it right Fed-Up. The senior people need to set an example to the young ones. Stand-up now as a group and get noticed. Maybe the young will see how the rank and file DO have power if they only stand togeather. I'm proud to say I stood side-by-side once in great numbers while I worked in Hollywood. BSO was cleaning an annex jail for all of us and the state wanted us in jail but we told them all to fuck-off. Did we get spanked? Yes, but it was well worth it in the long run and we all realized that standing togeather will get you what you want, not stabbing each other in the back which is exactly what the upper level brass wants. Avoid the PBA like a plague. They will NOT look after your best interrest. Form a new group with splinter groups. This will help you accomplish your political agenda and prevent the brass from fucking with you. In the old days, we once had a squad of brave lads that kept an eye on the politicians in Dade so they couldn't screw us. It worked while it was togeather. Because things constantly change, be ready to bounce but always maintain your core group (via insulation) for guidance and NEVER snitch on your fellow officer. This belief has spanked me in the past but I can say I still have my integrity and my friend still has his job.

maverick05 said...

I have to agree with Fed-UP, this in your face type thing is so typical today and then they will turn around and tell you about fairplay.Itis like they believe that you are blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to their shenanigans.(I am being kind) Intergrity, honor, ethics, oath, is out the door with it comes to management. Please do not even try to say there are good people in management; If the good in management, turn their eye from truth and injustices and allow the bad to operate, then they are just as bad. we are told everyday as rank and file if we see our fellow police officer do bad, we are obligated to report their misdeed otherwise we are just as guilty. Well I say to those in management, speak up and do not rubber stamp injustice, do not turn your head, or silence your lips...Join us and speak up.

maverick05 said...

I have to agree with Fed-UP, this in your face type thing is so typical today. They will then turn around and tell you about fairplay.It is like they believe that you are blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to their shenanigans.(I am being kind) Intergrity, honor, ethics, oath, is out the door with it comes to management. Please do not even try to say there are good people in management; If the good in management, turn their eye from truth and injustices and allow the bad to operate, then they are just as bad. We are told everyday as rank and file officers, if we see our fellow police officer doing bad, we are obligated to report their misdeed otherwise we are just as guilty. Well I say to those in management, speak up and do not rubber stamp injustice, do not turn your head, or silence your lips...Join us and speak up.

If it looks like I duplicated the same thing, had to do some minor corrections.....at least I tried....

Whodat is said...

OK boys and girls, another blogger checking in! I have been around this mess for over a quarter of a century, I have also seen and been a victim of the wrath of some of these worthless hypocrites, blind leaders. Miami seems to be a place totally closed off to the world of investigative journalists, a writer with the "cojones" to investigate the obvious, lets face it, when a hurricane that is out of our area or path is still TOP news, then its really a slow day in the news...can you imagine the headlines if that worthless Rick "I wasn't drunk when I killed him" Sanchez was around? He would have a map of Headquarters under his ass with annexes to PCB, Sex Batt, Training bureau and IGB to show where all the friends and family idiots hang out.
Anyway, Just the sexual scandals alone among the brass...(and those who got brass due to the sexual scandal warnings)would fire up the chronicles like C. Pichardo's beaver while walking by Lou Battle and Gary Shiminger at the same time.
My My My...when will it all come out? Pleeeeeezzzeeee retirement where are you? More facts to follow

fed-up said...

Well I knew it was to good to be true. The position at the Training Bureau that was rumored to be given to a white person has been given to a Black female. Is anyone paying attention to what is going on? The problem is that those who did apply for the job and are probably more qualified will just sit back and say "oh well that is just the way that it is". JUST REMEMBER EVIL will prevail as long as GOOD men do nothing.

elpoli007 said...

Hello everyone, I am new to this blog but not new to MDPD. I have seen some things that can make your hair fall out. I have seen people that should have been out of a job get promoted, because of who they know and who they do.
What ever happened to "pride, integrity and guts".
It must have been lost in the translation. A friend of mine once told me that this Department had "become a banana republic" and he is right.
Boy do I have stories to tell.
Stay tuned....

elpoli007 said...

Do we know if anyone in the real media is reading this? Is there anyone out there that has some "contacts" that can tell the "truth" and let the public make up their minds?
Hello, Is there anybody out there...
I think I found them.

maverick said...

Well, it appears that the media is afraid to publish a story on our corrupt department. Just think about it. A corrupt IA chief, a Major that has not even been relieved of duty for a hostile work enviroment, sexual harrassment and leaking out IA cases. A Major that is relieved of duty pending termination because she blew the whistle on them, and this doesn't even make the news. Please, if it was some lowly cop, it would've been all over the news. Those corrupt fucks protect each other up there. That's because if Rifkin goes down, they all go down. The medial is scared because the Mayor runs the county. They (media)are a bunch of cowards also.

elpoli007 said...

What about national (20/20 or Dateline, Fox News).
There has to be someone out there that will take a crack at this place. This stuff has been going on since Alvarez was the AD. It stems from the Cuaban Mafia otherwise known as the HOA.
They have had a hand in every step of this guys rise. Just look at the ones that have been part of the organization, not from the start, but when he took down the Hispanics that could make a run for the Directors Position (Oramas, Bencomo and such).
He has utilized IA like a personal Gestapo. This is like an episode of the Sopranos, or shall we call it "Los Sopranos de Carlos"
I think WE need to blow the whistle on a national scale, this is too big and juicy for local. Just a thought...

leaving said...

When I began to read this bolg it was nice to know that I am not alone in the way that I am thinking. I am so tired of business as usual but I hate to tell you boys and girls this is going to continue until we begin to stand up for what is right. One must know that IA is not an option. You must seek out a Government agency who can take up your cause if you have been cheated out of a job based on racial discrimination or age discrimination. I have heard that the Department does not like the Feds get into their business.
To maverick 05 keep up the good work it is my understanding that Gurrea is not happy with your comments. Must be some truth to what you posted.

maverick05 said...

Thank-you, “Leaving.” I thought that I was done with that idiot Guerra, but if I am getting to him then truth is winning out. Truth is funny, it has a way of bringing out the worst in people who are doing bad things….A guy like Guerra is like a roach, who only operates in darkness, once the light is on the roach, I mean Guerra, it scatters to find darkness again.
Speaking of Guerra, let us not forget that this is the same person who chased down a black police officer in a uniformed marked police car, because Guerra thought that the black plain clothed police officer might have stolen the police car. This was swept under the table by brass…Instead of admitting it was a mistake, Guerra would like you to believe that the black police officer was hiding “DRUGS” in the police vehicle, because the officer’s vehicle was not searched.
Let me not dwell on that guy….Let me re-emphasize this, for those on this blog, get others to join in and express their opinions, good, bad or indifference….Let us use this forum as a place to express ourselves without worry of “management.” Just let’s continue to talk truths however expressed. “FEDUP” stated something about evil cannot prevail unless we allow it to be so or something like that…until then, continue to speak out….

Whodat is said...

Lets face it, this department is not fair, we of all people need to be the icon of fairness, Lets see, our S.O.P. and PBA says that no one shall be transferred as punishment, PLEEZE, how many times has this happened to people on the hot seat, and many many good officer's, investigators even some Sgt's has this happened to? we need to hear from you. Why don't they demote Majors, Captains, Lt's when they screw up? Because it does not look good for the department that's why and if any reporter were to uncover any misdeeds by the brass, than that station and or reporter would be faced with the wrath of our departments command staff and the mayors office, its sort of like a dictatorship, "you do what I say and that's that"!a few threats later and the issue is forgotten. I believe that whats good for the goose is good for the gander.
And let's not forget PCB, it's real easy to point out an officer for doing something when your a Sgt in PCB (even if you need someone transferred, a creative pen will do the trick) no matter what the complaint is or where it comes from, but who the hell in their right minds would investigate a Major or a Captain? Are you kidding me? can you say CAREER SUICIDE? Wheres FDLE? where's the FBI? when these allegations occur, such as right now in this department of Sex, Lie's and Audio tapes.
And someone mention the H.O.A., I was a member once, but the Mafia statement was pretty right on!, not to say that the P.B.A. is much better, but being a member of both(no longer), I can at least see a little bit better organization of the P.B.A. as opposed to a renegade group of "macho soldiers" only after the promotion of Hispanics to the upper ranks, no matter what capabilities they possess. As a Hispanic I am shocked that this type of behavior still exists, the same type that has brought down almost every Latin American country to this very day, and this type of leadership will also bring down this little department if things don't change.

maverick said...

To fed-up and elpoli007, I agree with 95% of your comments, but do not be-little this blog. To fed-up, do not talk about things you know nothing of, by grouping certain people to certain individual. you referred to some as nice guys, but balless when you dont have a clue about them. I happen to work for one of them and I can assure you that the guy has more balls than all of us put together. To elpoi007, you lose a lot of credibility when you mention people like Bencomo and Oramas as possible Directors back in the day. There bigger pieces of shit than Carlos or a tthe very least play in the same ballpark. Fellows, keep on track and stay focus. Like I said, do not be-little this blog by mentioning assholes like Oramas and Bencomo that have no business being mentioned or wasting a breath.

jediknight said...
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maverick05 said...

naOh great Maverick I agreed, stay focus, but a little bit of different opinions by Fed Up and Epoli0t007 is not bad…We should welcome all opinions and this is what gives us validity. But I do agree with you that those mentioned were just as bad.
Oh JediKnight, good to have you on and I hope more follow your lead and log on…But please tell me really how you feel about that lieutenant..
Transfers are in and promotions has been made, I know he took the test but Gascel as a captain? This is what is also wrong with the promotional system, just because you are a good test taker, does not, I repeat, does not, make you a good leader…..By the way if you have not seen the list, it is secret…
The south district appears to be quiet but I heard that it is because that Major down there handles his business, he works at listening to the guys, he not perfect but at least he genuinely tries. Learn Majors learn, even you Hammock District Major, who want to be someone, learn. Be comfortable in being a major and if you do good work and handle your guys morale, you are going to be recognize…..Oooops, sorry major, I was describing a perfect system, how good you are has nothing to with this department.
I will give good jobs honor to those few in command staff that does a good job, if you do not know who you are, look at this blob. If your name is mentioned here as a negative, then you might one of those who are least under the radar…
In case management did not know, those surveys conducted by PCB during inspection are not worth the paper you waste. THE MORAL OF THE DEPARTMENT IS BAD, signed the men and women of the Department, to include those supervisors that you don’t promote and are qualified. The ones who are victims of friends and family….., the wrong color skin or not politico correcto. To the true cxaptains passed over, hang in there, justice is coming. To the good majors, know that we the men and women of this department know who you are. Jump on and log your opinions

lmnop15 said...


lmnop15 said...

I guess this must the talk blog of MDPD! Thanks leaving for telling me. First of all to the rest of you people on this blog, amen! Sometime one might think he is the only one that feels this way. To parker, please retire, quit or whatever you can do to get the hell out of the department, do it, it is the only honorable thing to do.I will go to your retirement party just to ensure you actually left.
To Patterson, who are you and what do you do? I mean other than occupy space on the third floor. To Erched, pay attention to the men and women of patrol, the backbone of the department. They are being shitted on by every incompetent supervisor in patrol. Do you really believe that none of your subordinated are bad? If they are bad police officer, then guess what? There are bad supervisor! Listen and you will learn who they are. Read this blog and grab a hint.
Heller don’t you care about Northend? You are a chief or are that only in name? Oh that’s right you are only as good as they rest of the. Continue to bury your nose and maybe you will get promoted.
I read we should stick to the fact, who broke in to a home of a fellow police officer become they were in love and she didn’t want him anymore? If anyone has the answer please stated…….

Whodat is said...

OK, Here's my 2 cent's. I have heard many many positive things about the Hammocks Major from his troops, this along with what I know about him allows me to say KUDOS A. C. I just hope that you don't lose the good people skills that you have just to make a higher rank.
Yes, this blog is to trash, but at the same time recognize the few good leaders that we have. Heller...Please Nepotism, Erched, Please, Thank you Sex scandal at Town & Country. Hey, Pst, Pst, Pst.
What ever happened to that sacred bonus that we had called seniority? A rookie that is liked more than a veteran will go places that one could only dream of...Hey Uncle Bobby, I waaaannnnnaaaaaa go to Robbry........I waaaannnnnnnaaaa go be a pilot......I waaaaaaannnnaaaaa go to k9.
Feels good getting right up the ole blow hole HUH?

maverick05 said...

Whodais, that’s good that you have heard goods about the Hammock’s commander, I can respect that. All I can say is, we will see! I kind of disagree about this blog is to trash people. If you are telling the truth, then it is not trashing but if you are lying, then it is. I consider this blog a venting blog and comparing notes with others. We need this because it focuses all of us to the truth that is going on, whether north or south or headquarters. Let keep it up

fed-up said...

If you ask me Erched has totally distroyed the north end. When issues at brought to his attention he just brushes them under the carpet. He wants the Director to think that all is well in the north end when it is really falling apart. NO BOBBY all is not well in the north end. Erched has his head so far up your A-- while your head is in the stand. Both of you needd to take breath. Let's not forget how Niam got promoted remember he tipped off Boni when PCB was investigating him for having sex with his secretary while on duty. When it got out to the media that Niam tipped him off he got an informal counseling and shortly after that he was promoted. I guess being in PCB is a stepping stone to big promotions.

ouchie said...

Man, this makes me sad. Is anyone giving hard evidence to anyone outside the department without the editorial comments?

It certainly is hard to weed through the bitterness to find facts. How can a media person publish a story about corruptionif the story is looking too personal and not factual?

Whodat is said...

My apologies, I meant to say exposing the trash and not talking trash about any one person in particular due to a personal issue. I simply would love to see this once great department return to the great days when Fred Taylor was at the helm and nepotism and political advancement took a back seat to professionalism and job knowledge.

tiredbadge said...

Whereas I have never expressed myself in this type of forum before I felt compelled to voice my opinion. If I offend, that is not my intent a give and freely offer an open apology to all.

I have seen my department diminish in quality and standards over the 25+ years that I have called this not just my job, but my second home and family. I attribute it to a multitude of things, yes the politicizing of promotions and assignments are a part of it but only a part. Several other things have come to the aid of the decline and destruction of a once proud and honorable and competent department.

1. The civilianizing of the department by a determined and resourceful county commission that is ethically questionable and morally devoid. Let me explain; sworn personnel were at one point considered elite due to the nature and risk of the job. During the early and mid eighties the commission in order to attempt to gain a bargaining chip during contract negotiations declared that the sworn staff was no more essential or important as the average civilian employee of the county and as such should garner no special consideration for payment or benefits.

2. The PPVP program which while a great benefit to the sworn staff and sold on the basis of visibility and incentive to bring experience back to the road created a splinter among the line officers. (Can anyone remember choir practice, sure some BS occurred during many of them but the line officers spoke to each other and considered each a family member, not just someone you took calls with during the shift.)

3. The promotional process which surrendered the department specific accomplishments to a generic process overseen and evaluated by “trained” assessors, who are highly paid and who have to evaluate a multitude of candidates, based on catch phrases and presentation skills, rather than actual leadership skills. (A whole cottage industry has sprung up which will show you what words to say and how to say it, what to write and how to write it to get the much needed attention of the assessor to garner the important points to lead a list)

4. A Police Benevolent Association, which abdicated its stewardship of protection of the officers rights to garner political power and favors for the elite of the organization.

5. A command staff which has unfortunately not been held to leadership principals but rather to political favors given and exchanged. A command staff that has either forgotten to lead or has never been taught how to lead or command. Many have spent their entire careers studying for future promotions abandoning the roles they had already attained rather than tending to the job at hand, so they have reached heights that they do not understand nor appreciate, (In simple terms many have no idea what a command level supervisor is supposed to be or do.) Please do not infer from these comments that all are incompetent.

a. Most of the command is too busy creating a name for themselves in the eyes of the powerbrokers, instead of creating foundation of real accomplishments. (Example was the recent scare of Hurricane Gustav where everyone aspiring to ‘higher” positions had a better idea and fervently and feverishly e-mailed the world touting it.) This department currently is fractured with each aspirant attempting to create their own fiefdoms, rather than contributing to the “Department”, very similar to the fracturing we see on a larger scale with the onslaught of new cities, towns and villages that were never needed before until someone realized that it’s good to be king, if even of a bankrupt kingdom.

6. Lack of accountability at all levels.
a. This is not unexpected when the department would rather cover-up rather than clean up messy situations, from well documented embezzlements to private businesses run while on the county dime, Peyton place happenings running rampant. (Mild mudslinging born out of frustration, sorry).
b. Back to the track. Lack of accountability; supervisors, (I am not implying that all are incompetent, but just enough to make a bad situation worse.) Supervisors that have not a clue what their staff is doing, or apparently care and if they do know what is or isn’t done do not have the initiative or knowledge of how to correct it. I guess the old adage is true man like rivers will always take the path of least resistance. To give credit in many cases this comes from the higher ups that would rather not see the problem until it becomes a crisis of political necessity.

i. I cannot blame the line officer who sees what is happening to be human and try to get a piece of the pie.
In conclusion we all know what the problems are. We are all intelligent enough to see the difference between a legitimate issue and an axe to grind. I do not know if an elected sheriff would be any better at this point, I do know that until all are held accountable none will be except the rare exception of the politically unaligned, who are used as cannon fodder to distract from the real issues at hand.
I started writing this with the intent of clearing my chest of the heavy burden of seeing my department deconstructed from within. If during the course of my comments I slung some mud I hope only the guilty get dirty.
I do call upon all who do have legitimate complaints, not mere innuendo or rumor to contact the appropriate agency, either anonymously or by name and bring charges against those who have dragged us down to this level. I cannot remember who the quote was from and I paraphrase it now, Justice is absent and evil prevails when we fail to act upon and against those evils and transgressions.

Please remember that complaining without offering solutions is only whining and accomplishes nothing but belittle the issue and discredit the situation.

leaving said...

Tiredbadge you are on right on target. I do believe that people are beginning to stand-up for what is right. Believe me this stuff is not just rumors. Every day I hear of someone who stands up to the Department either with a grievence or even a lawsuit but I also know that doing these things are not for the weak at heart. Just remember if one black woman refused to go to the back of the bus black folks would still be riding in the back. I am sure it was not easy for her but she stood up for what was right. SHE DID PREVAIL. I have faith that what is done in darkness will be brought to light so let your light SHINE.

Whodat is said...

Tiredbadge, Well said! Its a shame that such a great department, with all of it's great qualities, many great career officers and detectives (I'm not talking about those who couldn't solve a case if it hit them in the ass, but know exactly which restaurant gives them .5 on their croquetas)is going to the ruins.
Our jobs have become mundane as stated in the very first post, we know that the more you work, the more paperwork is created. And lets not overlook the incredibly amazing amount of redundant, redundant, redundant paperwork that we have seen spring up during the last 20 years...OH MY GOD! It's a deforestation! and its always a liability issue! that's what we are always told...To CYA. Pleeze! one guy (probably eating a croqueta right now)screwed up and was not properly disciplined, therefore his supervisor, in order to cover his "Great supervisory skills" created a Log and thereby washed his hands of responsibility. Now that he created this "Log" he has shown the command staff that he is a leader among men (instead of a poor supervisor who took the test) and he then gets elevated to create log after log after log, paperwork like never before! freeing the department from all liability and placing it somewhere else on someones log.
Can't we somehow please return to a simpler department? where there were more people doing the actual job! more so than people criticizing those who are doing it.
I equate it to the old pyramid system of companies like Amway....If you bring in a few people under you and then they bring in a few people and so forth and so on, you create an empire...but WHO sells the goods? someone needs to sell! and it starts from the top!
You should first become a good officer, stay on the road for at least 3 to 5 years and only then become a Detective, stay in this position for another few years and only then start climbing the ranks. This will give a person a real foundation for the skills that he or she need to lead!
This Department is full of inexperienced leaders that have no clue. This is why we are where we are.

special666 said...

I waited a long time for a job with the County, believing it to be the premier department in Dade County. I think it has such potential and some fine and hard working people in it. I want to be part of the solution and I try very hard to lead by example and fight the good fight but I must admit, it is a tiring fight. To watch the positions I have interviewed for go to others that did not interview, and have positions with potential go to people without a clue is disheartening. I tell myself that I should wait and bide my time but it is exhausting to see the personnel so mismanaged. There are so many in the command staff that poison the pool, Marshall that hates everyone that isn't black, Ramirez who hates women, Odio who hates everyone. The incompetence, the endless stupidity... How do you start a fight like that and keep up your strength? Is posting anonymous messages on a blog without any idea who the other players are a productive idea? I hope I am not deluding myself and see my name on this blog later as one of the useless zeroes, that would be very depressing. We need a plan to unite, we need to find a way to pool or resources and our statements. Remember what happened when someone sent the anonymous letter to one of the stations about Jermaine somebody being the subject of an armed 26 when he bumped one of his friends tenants for their rent? Exactly, one against the county is going nowhere. Keep safe.

maverick05 said...

I hear you tiredbadge and special666, to post on this blog with no end in sight would be fruitless and futile. I see it a little different. This is a start and it is growing, these are the venting pain and yes maybe a little whining, but it is necessary. These posting by individuals are like a circumstantial case; you must put the bits and pieces together to get the evidence for your case. Yes one must shift through it and separate the good from the bad, but it is building. The subjects are being named, the actions are being revealed and soon hopefully, valid complaints.

I for one like it because I do remember choir practice and while it is a thing of the past, I recently attended one with some officers that had never been to one and they loved it. This blog while it cannot take the place of a choir practice, it has some of the same characteristic of it.

Continue to vent even if anonymously, we hear you! We, who are brother and sister police officers, hear you.

Whodat is said...

Maverick, your right, its piece by piece, blog by blog, building and building..we just need a few more pieces and the BAM like Emeril say's, The meal is finished.
special666 that case that your talking about the guy with the tenant? what happened to him? how long was he on for and where is he now? was it anonymous or was it the tenant?

beenthere said...

When I started the department was called PSD. Through the years the name has changed numerous times and sadly so has the way the department has hired and promoted. Before you were promoted based on skills and knowledge. Now, some are promoted by who they know or who they are related to. How can a Lt be promoted to Major? What skills do they really have to run a district? Why do we even have a Captains test if we are not going to promote them first?

lmnop15 said...

Well, this stuff continues and this is why we must expose it. It cannot be business as usual; someone has to be accountable for their action.
Another case of a police officer feeling like they were transfer without cause and making contact with the PBA. The PBA giving the officer the standard reply that they normally give, the department can transfer you without reasons; all they need is a fourteen notice. This is crazy, no seniority, no nothing, this is the PBA position. A transfer occurs when somebody wants somebody and then all of a suddenly, you tagged and out you go. Maybe this is the PBA and the department answer to crazy transfers, but has anyone seen Blanca Longo lately? I heard she was transfer because sergeant duggie’s felt she didn’t bowed down to his lack of small nightstick and sent to Northside district. Correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t Blanca Longo back to robbery? Contact her and see how she got back to robbery, I bet the PBA wasn’t involved. Poor duggie, another case of how a person shouldn’t be a supervisor, ask Carter.
Speaking of Duggie, he is a classic case of supervisor gone bad and uncheck. This insignificant of a person has a history of messing with people. You go girl and may he have to eat croquettes or whatever, every time he sees you…
Fight, do not let them go uncheck, talk with each other, If the PBA says no, go the HPOA, if they say no, then go PLEA, if they say no, oops, they never say no, that’s right they don’t say no. Get your own private attorney if you need too and then after you win, suit them so it doesn’t happen again.
Please tell others about this blog and do not listen to anyone that tries so slime this venting area.

elpoli007 said...

Sorry it took so long for this, but to answer mavericks point that I loose credibility when I mentioned those individuals, I was just stating history at the time. They, along with a handful of others, where on the top of the list for promotion. I think you saw the names, and lost the point (and your temper a little, "suave bobby"). I never stated that they would be better or worse, I never stated that they were more qualified, what I was trying to explain (I guess I didn't do a good job) is that they were deemed as competition by Carlos and he let his Gestapo IA on them and eliminated them.
This is the type of practices that have been occurring for many years and no one, I mean no one is doing anything about it. That's just one of many...

We need to stop fighting amongst ourselves, unit and present a complete and accurate document to FDLE and FBI Miami Office with all of these issues and submit them under the "whistle blower" act.

This will provide us with protection from "La Mafia" and ensure that something is done.

We can complain and "vent" all we want, but if we don't "act" we will still be doing this five years from now as Director Vigoa sends out invitations and gets ready to retire.Mira veer...

maverick said...

No problem, 007, but remember that I am a true Maverick and i'll always call em', like I see em'. Anyways, talk about a self serving piece of shit scumbag like Vigoa. This piece of shit would sell his own soul to get the Directors job. Like I said before "De Guatemala a Guatapeor". For my non-spanish speaking friends, that means from bad to worse. God help us with that one.

Speaking of scum and shit, lets not forget to mention pieces of crap like Juan Odio and Laura Wood.

First on Odio. This piece of shit is not even police offcier material. Can't make a decision without checking with Carlos, Oscar or any of the other scumbags, and then takes the word of Gina Beato and Nikki Fernandez, the department's semen recepticles as gospel. Try not looking so much at this skanks and try doing your job asshole. This piece of shit has destroyed moral everywhere he has been by his incompetence and leaderless skills. Dude, you can take and teach all the leader classes you want, but if it's not in your fiber to be a leader then "Move, get out the way, MOVE". Fucking punk. He could'nt even command an army of ants.

Secondly, Laura Wood. This piece of shit captain and rainbow loving liberal, will and has undermined every major that she has worked for. Be careful with this one Mike, she'll fuck you, well not literally, the first chance she gets. Doesn't support senior supervisors with a ton more experienced than she will ever have and will defend lowly piece of shit officers when they go running to Vigoa and special outside political groups. NICEEEEEEEE. That is the reasons that strong supervisors don't do a damm thing, because of peices of shit like her. Lets instead get rid of the good ones, like Holden and Munecas when they try to fight courruption against a politically connected lieutenant. Thats you Wille Vigoa, you corrupt fuck.. You might have gotten away with stealing night differential monies in excess of 8k, but people know the truth. Once again, Thanks Parker for being a non-factor and chosing the path of least resistance ....Coward

non-fiction said...

I am a believer in freedom of speech and respect everyone's rights. I also believe that when you decide to write here it should be based on factual information and not what you may have heard from somebody.

With that said I want to comment on what Imnop15 said. You should know the background on things before you say stupid stuff like this.

Sgt Duggie did supervise Longo and Carter- FACT
Longo was written up and transferred- FACT
Longo appealed her discipline for INSUBBORDINATION and it was UPHELD- FACT
She's back in Robbery because the Legal Bureau dropped the ball and did not give the Robbery Bureau timely notice for her appeal hearing on the transfer and not because she was reassigned based on her own merit or sgt duggies wrong doing- FACT
Carter had problems with other supervisors and was thrown out of POB/GIU way after Sgt Duggie left- FACT (I guess Carter's other supervisors were really bad people too; to think they wouldn't let him do whatever he wanted)

Sgt Duggie is one of those individuals that still has a spine and is not willing to back down from a fight when someone has been wronged. Just ask any of his subordinates who he has stood up for.

Now why don't you focus on the true problems of the department instead of small issues between line supervisors and insubbordinate employees?

The more I read your comments, the more it smelled like coming from a officer that was banned from working overtime in POB before their retirement. You, Carter, and Longo must have had some cozy conversations during those long lazy days of yours.

Stay focused!!!!!!

lmnop15 said...

Non-fiction, stop, in order to use that name one might want to be that first! I am not retire-FACT.I'm at headquarters anytime you want to exchange stories.FACT!!! To state it sounds like, indicates that you don’t know, therefore it's fiction-FACT. Read the PBA Contract, pg.103, article 39, section b. transfer shall not be utilized as disciplinary action. FACT. The department rules read the same –FACT. Duggie and whomever violated the department rule and the PBA Contract-FACT, Legal bureau didn’t drop the ball on duggies’s violation of contract and department rule,they simply counld not defend a violation of their own rule. Did you think if rbbery bureau was notified, they were going to pull a rabbit out of a hat? Duggie did wrong and everyone at robbery bureau knows it-FACT. Duggie has a spine? Ask who? You must mean every one of his subordinates that sucks up to him-FACT.

Once again, I also like freedom of speech but to quote you, “I also believe that when you decide to write here it should be based on factual information and not what you may have heard from somebody.” Then you need to apply your own criteria. I did not hear it; I heard it, see if you know the difference. If you have to guess on what you are writing, duggie, I mean non-fiction,then you are actually Fictional.

So stay focus and on target, do not guess and maybe duggie, you might want to change the name from non-fiction to ______________; the choice is yours because I do believe in freedom of choice.

Continue to write and expres yourself, even from bad, we learn.

maverick05 said...

Hmmm, I guess LMNOP315 hit a nerve. To NON-FICTION, you can’t be that factual because there will always be someone who will have a different set of truths or facts. There is your set of facts and someone else set of facts and generally somewhere in the middle lies the truth. I did look up the policy, rules and contract and it does confirmed what your good friend LMNOP wrote.

I must say this to you, where do you think those problems in the department comes from? From those small issues from line supervisor and their interaction with their insubordinate employees. If they cannot handle these small interactions, at that level, what do you suppose happens when they make rank. One of the big problems of the department is the transfer of employees when supervisors get mad, angry, upset, disagree, or just feels like it, at employees. Not taking sides, but if a subordinate is insubordinate at their supervisor, then you spank them, roc, reprimands, suspensions them, etc. But why the transfer? This is a major problem in case you didn’t know and it is abused constantly throughout the department.

So if you are going to use non-fiction, then stay non-fiction. With that name should only come truths, the burden is on you. Discipline the employee fairly and most of us will pretty much always agree with fair discipline. To throw in a transfer with the discipline show me and others that the supervisor has taken the discipline personal and not professional.

Keep blogging

Whodat is said...

Well now, I must chime in again on what I know as fact because it happened to me! Being a Detective gives you access to many little things necessary to come to a conclusion which can be deemed as FACT.
I was transferred as punishment about 2 months after I pissed off the guy I worked for! He was a Macho asshole that had his own stable of kiss ass cronies, was a womanizer, could barely speak a word of English, yet he also jumped from Lt to Major in one swift ass kissing. (any ideas?)
It turns out that the people who took my spot found out one month earlier prior to me being investigated by PCB and them (the other friends) coming up with my sin! People love to talk...a few beers and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.
I laugh about it now! they actually did me a favor, but cross your T's and dot your i's. If your going to be stupid, you better be tough!

maverick said...

Lets see, a lieutenant to major, barely speaks english... oh thats an easy one...must be that balless fuck Juan Odio...god im dying for these pussy assholes to find out who i am.....like there going to do something to me anyways. It's not like you can settle things in parking lots anymore or in a ring with gloves at the training bureau. They just trump up some anonymous complaint for intimidation or some other lies or bullshit...pussies

Barney said...

Non Fiction, Duggie is that you? Sounds like you. You should not go around at robbery bureau crying about how legal dropped the ball and you did not have an opportunity to fuck Longo. Your big mouth in English and in Spanish gives you away.
Then you go around writing on this blog as if someone else. Let it go, she is back and that is a fact.
In case you really did not know, we at robbery think that you are an ass and do yourself a favor stay off this blog.

maverick05 said...

Maverick, you’re too much. Please leave Johnny Hate alone. Better yet, where is the rest of the train he was connected to?
Be careful, you are right; they won’t do anything to you in front of your face, let alone man to whatever they are. Remember the expression wear the silver badge? It has been changed to Behind the gold badge, because that where these cowards hide.
Once again, not all gold is bad just a lot of them.
Don’t worry Maverick, I got your back. It is funny how you scared Mavdick off; can you do the same to our command staff?

?urdaddynow said...

never let the bastards see ya sweat! oh wait, that only applies to real men... not to some of the quasi-males who have jello where there balls should be and sawdust instead of a spine.

The "problem-power-trippers" in this dept. and their minions are just down right MEAN people. i'm sure their parents are PROUD of each and everyone of them.

But what goes around comes around...and their comeuppance may just be at hand. There is a Higher Power & HE is omniscient & HE Has the final word.

...but in the mean time, we must stick together & stand up for what is right & good. After all we swore to it!

Sheriff2B said...

Hello Everyone. I'm glad that people feel comfortable enough to post their thoughts. My only suggestion is that we try to also post some constructive ways to make changes. My personal opinion is that we need an elected sheriff. That way we can help elect someone new, and if he or she turns out to be a mistake, we work to remove the person. Anything is possible. That's how Alvarez got elected to mayor and got the strong mayor amendment passed. Now that he has all the power, the only way to reduce his power is to change the charter and elect a sheriff. An elected sheriff does not have to answer to the commission or the mayor. Complaining won't change anything. There is nothing to look forward to at this point because no one can get promoted to a major or higher unless they are a friend of the mayor or parker. A sheriff would be political too, but we can control that thru elections if we really want to. When the time comes and we start collecting signatures to get the charter amended, you all need to step up and get involved. That will be by collecting signatures and money. You can "vent" if you want, but we do need to get focused on changing things. The media doesn't seem to be interested in anything posted or said. Some were brave enough to make "whistle blower" complaints, but they were demoted and then their family attacked. Chief Munecas family was personally attacked and he was investigated for "criminal nepotism" for hiring his son. Yet parker hired his son at the training bureau and patterson hired his wife at the training bureau. Chief Munecas son was forced to resign, and their son and wife were given other jobs in the county. That's a true injustice and meant to scare folks into not complaining, not taking action. Those who are filing law suits, God Speed. I think when people are posting about keeping to the "facts" they mean incidents that should be investigated by FDLE or the feds (our IA can't be trusted). Again, as we get more organized and ask for folks help, put your money and time where your mouth is. God Bless.

maverick said...

Thanks for the 15 "05", but i can assure you that there is nothing that this corrupt department can do to me, that hasnt been done to me already. and who's "duggie"?. we are giving this guy way to much attention. He'll eventually bury himself. Also, your right, "Johnny Hate" is a punk, not even worth a waste of breath. He is the biggest clusterfuck of a major in this department. I've had the misfortune of being in some training with this clown and i can tell you that he is a complete and total embarrassment.

And as far as the elective sheriff proposal, you can always count on me to support it.

ouchie said...

Find a political manager who can guide you in your charter change. You have to run it like a campaign and you have to organized with a zillion worker bees. It is not cheap to do one. The limited amount of time given to get the petitions signed results in you having to take fast action once the petition is approved. I think the number of petitions required would be based on the Nov. election. So that pushes it up because you have many new voters in a presidential year.

What will you do if you get an elected official that has no understanding of police work? You are stuck with them until people get fed up enough to dump them. You just need to look at the 5 people running for Tax Assessor to be very afraid of electing a regular person where a professional should be.

Be careful what you ask for.

I wish you well. Be safe.

fed-up said...

bgkTO Diggie you might want to take some advise from a former friend and stop the sliming of Longo who is a super person. Sounds like to me that you are creating a hostile work environment for my friend and if you are not careful you might be the one that is transferred. LEARN from your mistakes.
To the senior Sergeant at the Airport who is getting tossed so that room can be made for Parkers Daughters friend you must stand up for yourself. If the PBA refused to file a geievence for you first of all QUIT. If you are like the rest of us you have beeen paying dues since you came on the Department. Just think about it, you would have been better off to put the dues that you have been paying for the last 30 yrs into a bank account and by now you would have had enough money to hire a GREAT PRIVATE ATTORNEY to reprsent you on this injustice. That being said you do not need the PBA to file a career service grievence, you can file it yourself. Just go to Chapter 15 and it explains the procedure and the forms needed are there. To all of you new people LEARN what is in these books. It is so nice when you use the departments rules to go against the department. Remenber knowledge is power. LEARN IT!!!

GetSome said...

Just found this blog, been hearing great things about it for a while. testing it's security protocols for now...back soon

yanon999999 said...

first off, great job in putting the crap up here. perhaps if this posting gets on here, i will venture to put some more names online that should turn some heads or at least start some discussions which will certainly be entertaining. finally, don't try to find me because you never will. ha ha ha ha!

Whodat is said...

Senior Sgt at the airport. Get Mark Seiden to handle your transfer, pay him a few $ of your own since the PBA's attorneys wont do a thing for you, if you love your job that much, fight for it. subpeona everything, everyone and start a nightmare for those that are fucking with you, or else cry hardship like everyone else!
OK, lets start changing the system by changing the promotional procedure. Every test gets a number and gets reviewed by an independent panel, no names, no color, no ethnic background, just QUALIFICATIONS..Hmmm novel idea....Oh and only after spending 5 years on the road with no hardships! Want to be a detective? then suffer for awhile until you can handle it, and know the road inside and out, not until uncle Johnny or Uncle Carlos makes you one with a phone call, it's called ETHICAL behavior..O K here we go E.T.H....You know what I mean (Except you Johnny, Frank, Willie, Ricky, Carmen ) If you work at it hard and earn it you'll think twice about making that phone call at 1 pm to cousin Frank to tell him that PCB is watching you pork the marlboro smoking stank secretary from down the hall or you Uncle Bencomo for slipping the sausage to the nurse at VCH in the parking lot, yeah, you were discussing the kid's problem, wink wink, Riggghhhtttt! Asswipe.
Those who are where they are because of the ass kissing have to realize that when they retire, (or get investigated and indicted) they drop back down to the dumb kiss ass's that they started out to be....and alone, nobody will remember you for everything you did...which actually was nothing.
One last tidbit, put qualified people in the positions that they KNOW and love and keep them there, they only get better with time...I really don't want some guy flying a helicopter over my house if he can't fly one...cut your loss's before it's too late.

?urdaddynow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
?urdaddynow said...

security protols bah! my computer my time, deal-with-it.

Elected Sheriff? uuuuhhh i dunno?

The Alvarez political machine is alive and well in DADE County. That's right, i said, DADE COUNTY. hey whatever happened to that little twerp pinell-ass anyway i thought he was s'pose to set the world-on-fire.

what was i saying, oh yeah...demographically the hispanics ARE the majority in the county...hence the possiblility of the Alvarez contigency, block captains,cronies, henchmen...hell,why sugar coat it "the Q-BAN Mafia" could exert its power with it's long reaching tenacles and squeeze, i mean sway the voters to elect one of his "favored puppets". Then it would be more of the same-old, same-old! OR, GOD forbid!! The people would elect some NINCOMPOOP like the current Federal Inmate #0939 KEN JENNE!!! These are my fears!

I know it seems like the pickins' within the Dept. are slim but there is Loftus & even Nanney both QRU M.W.B. (Men With Balls). Of course the only possibility that either of them would make to Director would require an event of catastophic proportion. Like Parker coming to an abrupt stop and the "Dingleberry Brigade" would disappear right up his whazoo! (Brings a whole new meaning to "vanishing into a black-hole" doesn't it?)

But short of that happening, maybe the FEDs could become privy to the long-standing and continuing practice of violating the rights of the hard working, long suffering, real men & women of this once honorable but now disgraced Department and put a stop to this crap.

But make no mistake until we get out from under the Corrupt-thumbs of Alvarez, Parker & Their Chosen-Ones, (a.k.a. the inept, reward the mediocrity, promote the clueless, because he's my buddy or she blew so & so command gaffers)we will continue to lanquish & suffocate. We are at their whim...for now. But not forever.

Barney said...

NON-FICTION, did you get clues at the bureau to let you know who you are? Doesn’t this answer the FACT, which LMNOP wrote about? Listen to FED-UP and let it go. DO NOT BLOG AGAIN!!!
I finally caught up with everyone’s blogs. The clown captain at Northside district, your history of stupidity follows you throughout your career. You see NON-FICTION, when you wrote and told him or her that they should stick with the big problems of the department and leave low level or first line supervision alone, captain Guerra at one time was that low level, first line supervisor. He grew up to be a lowlife buffoon midlevel supervisor. It is all interrelated. Bad, stupid, obnoxious down below becomes bad, stupid and obnoxious up above.
Guerra forgot that he is the same guy that he now makes stupid remarks about. You see we who were at one time in Midwest district can remember when Guerra has to chase his police vehicle down because he failed to properly secure a prisoner. While he had his thumb up his you know what, this secured prisoner stole Guerra police car. Judge not, or ye be judged. Can it happen to anyone? Of course. But when you hold yourself as high and mighty, you tend to forget that you too are not perfect.
Guerra brags about how many incompetent police officers he had gotten rid of. Too bad the rules he professes doesn’t apply to himself, because he would have been the first to be gotten rid of. To all that knew Sgt Russo, he passed away. Does Guerra still brag about how he demoted him? Does Guerra also claim how he had a hand in Sgt Russo’s death?
Is Guerra the only one? No, Woods, newly promoted Gascel, King or right she retired, good, Valdez (Mr. don’t focus on me, I won’t support you against management) Balso, Gilreath, Buck, oops he is a major never a captain, Mr. kiss-ass bozo from pcb, etc to be named later.
Why name these individuals and their misdeeds? Compare notes, see the pattern, identify the players and you will always know the enemy.

Barney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
leaving said...

TO ?urdaddynow I am so glad that you got the nerve to post what you wanted to say. That is the problem, employees of MDPD are afraid to state the truth. Just in case you have not forgotten we are not in Cuba. I wish these coward Cubans would return to their homeland and continue their corruption there. But lets face it they are cowards. They would never promote Loftus he is just a white guy who has learned to adapt to Cubano politics. If you want my opinion they need to get rid of all of them. I do however like Nanney because he does stand up for what he believes in. But once again he is just a white boy. NO CAN DO!!! Oh and by the way PLEASE not HELLER that guy has no BALLS.

Barney said...

The word at headquarters is this blog. Everyone trying to guess who is who. Well, one guy was indeed exposed by his own guys. Listen at the cafeteria and one will hear more stuff on what is going on that anywhere else in headquarters, the wall has ears.
Whoever lmnop15 is, kudos to you. I guess you too smelled the rat, you identified him. I will wait to see if he has the guts to get back on this blog. mavericko5, don’t waste your breath on that chicken shit captain who hides behind his gold badge (who said that) Most cowards do, talk big under the skirt of the command staff of MDPD. Oh no, maybe he will write a memo about this blog. To my brothers and sisters at Northside district, we hear you. Stick together is the theme of this blog and I have adopted them. Your pain is our pain; your fight will become our fight. Unfortunately, your idiots will be your idiots and hopefully never ours.
Leaving, please tell us how you really feel about our Cuban brethrens? I have to say that you are partly right. Loftus would be a good choice, won’t happen. Nanny, let me see, he was the commander at N/side, good .bad or indifference, the guys like him and moral for the most part was very good. Thomas was there, did nothing for the district or the guys and promoted to chief, Nanny was skipped. How does command staff look at these guys in the face and say the people they promoted were better?
Heller and the other chief who is retiring has no balls, that’s right Fischer.
The players are named and identified.

maverick said...

I see the Herald finally manned up and wrote a story on Rifkin. Weak, but it's a start. That piece of shit Rebozo at PCB is another pussy. I heard that he filed a complaint against a sergeant, when the sergeant called him and told him to keep his hands to himself. This sergeant fuck ed his head up so bad that he crashed his county car, told his wife in case she got a mysterious phone call and never told Ramirez about it. I know this sergeant. He is problably the ballsiest mother fucker in this department. But, he is too competent to run this zoo. Rebozo you are the biggest pussy in this department. Now your in PCB, what a JOKE.

not in kansas said...

Wow: There is some hating going on in this blog. The Mavericks, Cop, and Marcus Aurelius….no wait…Maximus. I can only hope that you guys, while venting, are doing the right things where you are, and at whatever position you hold.

To those of you rank and file in patrol, the front lines, you guys are the true “soldiers.” You are making a difference…..ok…ok…most of you. The slackers will always be slackers.

Now, back to the hating. Looking at it from the outside, there is this big house, with the suites up on the higher floors. You have the Carlos Alvarez’ “Abe Lincoln” and “Jose Marti” suites. Bobby Parker has the “I have dream” and the “Yes, I can do this because I am with Bobby” suites. This is where beds are shared. Naim: He will sleep in whatever bed is available. As does Johnny “I wanna be Soprano” Rivera. The Vigoas, Johnny Hate, Bernie G, the “Chief of training” have beds in the Lincoln suite. Ricky S and Willie M have their beds in the “I can do this…” suites. Strange bed-fellows you ask? Or course. Go on. Add names to their respective beds. I will follow the blog.

Those of you who mentioned Taylor and the like….fogedabout it. It is time to move on up and forward. You can do this. Not by simply hating, but by doing. Maybe your respective unions, POC, HPOA, PBA, can partake in the Director’s appointment process, providing pros and cons for anyone considered for an appointment, as will be their performance and achievement, leaving all the suites out of it. Maybe not. Well maybe if Johnny Soprano sees it as the best interest for the rest….for him to step down. You should support him in any other endeavor…..any other. The others: HPOA/POC…..please, make a difference!

Suggestions are welcome….as long as they are productive and achieve results. You guys are very capable. You are on the right course. It is time do it!

?urdaddynow said...

gee, i hope THE HERALD didn't blow their entire yearly budget on ink, printing that piddley-ass article on the Rifkin / Prichardo /Prichardo thingy. It amazes me that something so glaringly UNETHICAL is treated as an honorable mention-type story buried in the local section, krimeny!

To Leaving, et al,...don't get me wrong, my intent is not to bash the Q-BANS, only to expose the depth of corruption throughout the county. It is endemic & systemic. Dade County Gov't has long been rife with corruption & believe me the Hispanics aren't the FIRST or the ONLY in that regard. I remember well the strangle-hold that the (so-called Honorable)Mayor Stephen P. Clark of "ribbon-cutting-reknown" and his "GOOD-OL'-BOYS" had over the county. And I have to say that the "GOOD-OL'BOYS" of MDPD Jones & Taylor are not without sin in the nepotism category either. What's fair is fair! Maybe it was a little more palatable back then, because it was a given that when someone was put into a position as a "favor" the recipient actually was grateful enough to rise to the occassion and BE an outstanding employee AND NOT bring shame or dishonor to the badge or the position that they were given. But that doesn't happen in today's world! Nope! The chosen-ones obviously feel that once they get handed something on a silver platter, all they have to do is sit on their ass and F*&k-up everything especially if they happen to be a supervisor. They Micro-manage because they have no clue as to how to supervise. And they don't think they should have to learn a damn thing. S.O.P's? Balderdash! PBA contract? Poppycock! Their sense of entitlement disgusts me, so much so, that they are Entitled to kiss mah butt.

And then of course there are the evil-doers like Diggie, Duggy or whatever he calls himself. He bounces Longo out of robbery because he doesn't know how to supervise an experienced-veteran detective. He does not know how to follow the rules and he deserves to be held accountable for his screwed up decision. It must chap his flabby ass that Longo won (thanks to PLEA & NOT to the worthless PBA) now that she's back at robbery. But in my opinion, a chapped ass isn't good enough!Where's his transfer? Where's his DAR? But what's even more disgusting is the fact that LT V, Captain S., Major W, & Chief M. also backed up that piss poor discison. To all of them: What goes around, comes around. Karma's a bitch...deal with THAT A-holes!

VDLV said...

OK. I'm glad the Herald finally published the story. They only "administrtively reassigned" Rifkin. If it was anybody else they'd be relieved of duty. Obviously he's got dirt on parker and others, like Vigoa. He testified against Munecas and Holden in their hearing. The paper didn't mention that Lenny Burgess was also under investigation, probably by MDPD's IA so it will come back unsustained because they'll put Patterson, Thomas, and Marshall on the panel. Thomas was the chairperson on Munecas IA dispo panel--gee what a surprise, as was Montejo and Marshall. They sustained a complaint against someone who was already retired. Have you ever seen that happen before? For "criminal" nepotism? Shouldn't they investigate the Parker's, whose wife, daughter, and son all work(ed) for the department. Parker's son was transferred. Patterson's wife was hired by Parker's wife, who was on the "interview" panel, and Bernie Gonzalez. THat had to be a fair interview. Now she has a nice job in the county after she was tranferred. Why wasn't Patterson investigated for "criminal" nepotism? Patterson had Andrea Braynon on the payroll for one year after she had to resign for lying on her application about being arrested. She was making about 130K a year. Shouldn't that be a crime? What was the relationship there? What made her so special that WE taxpayers would pay her for a year to "work" at home. WE paid two commanders STewart and her for the same job for one year. Michael Alvarez was hired as an AO3, which is about the highest you can get on the department without being a command staff position. It wasn't found to be nepotism because he was hired while Alvarez was on leave running for mayor! What a joke. Then after he was mayor, Michael couldn't get along with ANdrea Braynon, so they tranferred him and his position to training bureau with Alvarez' pal Bernie. This is all factual. Nothing's being done about it. Can't go to IA, can't go to the County Manager who's under Alvarez' control, as are all the assistants, can't go to FDLE as he's friends with Alvarez and Parker, golfs with Parker, can't go to the PBA cause he's in bed with Alvarez, can't go to the media cause they won't put anything out that makes the mayor look bad. Brick wall...

?urdaddynow said...

NOT IN KANSAS: was wondering when you were going to click the ruby slippers, (or wave the wand,) and join us. welcome...

Puhleeezzz, no hating here, it's more like someone broke open a rotten egg... we're just trying to clear out the STENCH that has permeated our airspace. PEEEEUUUU.

There is a mission ahead and were getting our bearings. Gathering information and spreading the word.

The Suite analogy was right-on.

VDLV: come on, were used to running into brick walls that's how we got to be such hard heads. But we'll find a way to climb over that wall, after all the slogging in the muck & crap we've done, we'll either climb over it or knock it down.

VDLV said...

?urdaddynow: I know you're right. It's sooo frustrating. People have retired left and right just to get out...Casanova, Battle, Secades, and let's not forget Trertola who was also demoted because his detectives were investigating parker's daughter's boyfriend. His lawsuit starts in October. They'll probably settle, then it's kept quiet again. I think I'll change my name to brick head LOL :-)

Lt. Happy said...

I have been reading the posts and I see that no one seems to be sure how to go about the process of going to an elected Mayor. I think I know and if I need additional information I will get it. There are two ways... The charter change can be presented to a member of the Commission to sponsor it for a vote and then it can be added to the ballot or you can start a citizen's initiative which is a process where you circulate a petition to have the motion added to a ballot. The number of signatures is a percentage of voters from the County where you are adding the charter change. I am also not sure if it is a percentage of the registered voters or the number of recent voters. If it is registered voters that will mean more signatures as the push for people to register to vote always goes heavy before an election, especially a presidential election.
I just think that instead of ranting in anonymity it would be more productive to actually act to produce a change. I work days and you know where to find me, you know who I am, call me if you have questions or want more information. Don't bother me with interesting comments and opinions about where I work and with whom, I have my own opinion and I don't agree with all of them here, but I will be able to answer questions about the Charter change and I will keep everyone's name to myself. I think I am trustworthy and I haven't done anything I can think of to prove otherwise, but it is up to you.

?urdaddynow said...

sniff, sniff, smells like, ...

fed-up said...

it.happy give me a break if you are such a BAD ASS and you have all the answers then come on with it BIG GUY. Give us your real name and a phone number to contact you. Why not log on with your true identity. What a bunch of CRAP. Please dont even blog again with that all knowing BS. What is up with the I work Days guessing game. I smell a BIG RAT OH maybe it is CARLOS!!!

PorknBeans said...

Man, alot of good old fashion lovin going on here. Wish we had this 10,15,25, years ago, shit, 2 bad I'm retiring soon. Beats the hell out of watching Dr. Phil and Oprah after work. Who needs the National Enquirer when we have stories of sex, promises of sex, backstabbing, adultry, ass kissing, woman dressed like pole dancers, everyone sucking ass to become the next chief, and that's just at hqts., never boring..I love this job!!

After a hard day of completing useless, amazon-forest depleting/tree-killing traces, attending bullshit comstat meetings, listening to suggestions and mandates from turds who never worked the road or hid somewhere while the rest of us handled all the calls, I'm ready to swig down some MadDog 20/20 and read the metro-dade blog! 21st century choir practice!

Hey what's up with that bullshit transfer of a senior sgt. from the airport to central district; then one day later the transfer is recinded and a sgt toenail mitchell gets the warrants position instead of going to NW, very fucking sneaky!!!Hey!!! she didn't even interview (business as usual,nothing new)!! What "suite" did she sleep in? I'm still waiting for my bullshit courtesy call indicating that I did well and to keep trying, but the major owes willie or whoever the "suite owner" is, a favor etc!!! wat's up with that shit? Come on airport bloggers, please inform us! Stay Tuned!!

p.s. ref lt.happy, weren't you all talking about an elected sheriff, not mayor??

still happy said...

(my password wouldn't work)
You're right,porknbeans, I meant elected sheriff. I wasn't trying to be a bad ass but I have tried to use the system before and it is the way the Mayor got the charter change to become a strong Mayor (since I doubt any of the Commissioners would sponsor it). The process is difficult and requires a great deal of work, quite a bit more than it takes sitting on a blog site. I thought you were using the blog as a means to get with like-minded people to work toward what you perceived as a solution to a problem, not just an outlet to run your mouths and do nothing. I meant no offense and was merely giving you information I happened to have, my error. And, just for the record, I did use my real name at the bottom of my note, but for those detectives out there the last name is Bernhard, I work days at Northside. I thought, quite frankly that was easy to figure out,again my error. D

maverick said...

mannnnnnnn... i got it give it to her... the chick has balls...if this elected sheriff passes, im voting for her..way to go STILL HAPPY

maverick said...

Ok lets see...Rifkin uses his position as the IA Major by leaking information to Carmen hoping to fuck her. It backfires on him as she shoots him down (dude look in the mirror first, PERV). WOW, and is only reassigned not relieved of duty. WOW........ you guys are awesome.

Ok lets see this one. A certain individual is relieved of duty for 3 months by Rifkin and Ricky Smith for defending his wife against threats made to her by a pussy sergeant, Eddie Torres. This individual is re-instated and the allegations are not-sustained. WOW.

I loved the fairness, equality and ethics of this place.

To my beloved command staff a simple message from me.
Take your code of ethics and shove them up your ass, you bunch of unethical cowards.

Barney said...

Still Happy, I mean Denise, No offense to you but for a moment I thought you were part of this management of bozo supervisors we have at MDPD. I know who you are, but I did not know you worked days, at Northside district. Until you clarified the matter with you second blog message, I am a detective, but a Denise that works days, was not a lot to go on.

Reread you first blog message and you have to admit that you might have come off as some pompous asshole supervisor that those here on this blog are writing about. No offense, but really did you think that everyone in this department knows you as Denise, ms dayshift from Northside?

Now that you identified yourself, what have you done about Major Ferguson, Captain wonderful, Guerra, Lieutenant Rera and the famous GIU Lieutenant Ramos? Do you see what the men and women of Northside see or do you think there is no problem or moral issues at Northside. Is what you see just your opinion or what. Are you silent on the matter or pretend it does not exist? I mean I have these questions because if I am to trust you and call you, I have to know that you are a doer. If you do not take a stand against bad management or their practices, then you are part of that system. Sorry, I cannot put it any other way. Too many supervisors have an opinion but not a stance. The men and women what someone who will stand behind them in bad times, not just the good, the good does not need protection. If you in management stay silent and just have opinions, then in my eyes you are just the same as those who are abusive.

Sorry, when those who take on the stripes, bars, clusters or stars, comes responsibilities and sometime heat. How many times has management gone to an appeal hearing with their subordinates to speak on their behalf? I can only speak for myself, none! I heard of a case but for the most part, supervisors have just an opinion. Police officers when take the oath and job, they must take actions; they cannot sit idly by or just have an opinion when an injustice occurs. Action, they must take, whether they take heat for it or not.

I am not downing you, really I am not. Great Speech at Police Officer Jose Somohano, I really mean that. I felt you spoke from your heart and not from a prepared speech. To the rest us who are still alive, to you feel that way? This is not a question about your heart, strictly to your position as a lieutenant. Will you protect us against bad management? Verbally and outwardly? I know you place your name here and to some it shows balls. Balls are shown by action rather than but placing your name on a blog. Maybe if I hear from someone who states that you went with them and took a stand against management (know that I mean an injustice, not some random the employee actually did something wrong), I would join you but from your first blog message you almost sounded like them.

Really like you but

?urdaddynow said...

to lt. snappy, you're obviously a legend in your own mind and not as well known as you percieved. I don't know you so I will be kind...but I am about as thrilled to see a LT on this blog as I am to see them on the board of directors of the PBA. Somethings just shouldn't be. I will tell you that I recognized your name. I remember some of the road toads in Mia Gdns were so happy when you were coming to be their LT. But then some of them voiced their disappointment to me and said that you had really changed. That you were way QRU as a Sgt. but were a PITA as a LT. This is often the case when the chevrons on the sleeves turn into Bars on the collars, they tend to cut off circulation to the brain and before you know it you are out of touch with reality. If you are sincere in saying that you are here to help us, then I Thank You. But realize that Im extremely skeptical, goes with the Bars, been around a lonnngggg time & sucker-punched plenty.

p.s. hope you didn't use the county computer this morning.

maverick05 said...

Man I had a lot of reading to do, first of all, to lmnop and barney thanks for keeping non-fiction of this blog. To maverick stop making me laugh, to fed-up, me too I’m fed-up, to pork and beans, stay out of Northside, to ?urdaddynow, I feel you and stay away from those hillbillies from Kansas. Whodatis, good advice, I hope all in that same position as that sergeant from the airport take your advice.

To whoever thought that this blog wouldn’t have an effect, we know have someone who placed their name on this blog. If still happy is for real, then I do take my hat to you. Let us know if you take any heat for it. If you do, I will call you. It is a good start, first a name and then who knows? Maybe we all should start by naming ourselves.

Continue to blog, good, bad or indifferent, venting is good for the soul and it let us know that there are others out there. Continue to look at the names on this blog to know who the players are.

fed-up said...

first of all I must apologize that I did not know who you were because your name is Denise and that you work days. Perhaps if your name was Beyonce, Cher or Madonna I might have known who you were. Now that you have given your real name I still do not know who you are but at least I know where you work. What you are suggesting sounds great however I still think that we need a media outlet so that the citizens of Dade County know why it is important to make these changes.
PS maybe you can loan your BALLS to Randy Heller

Whodat is said...

Denise, I caught you immediately after I read LT happy and not ithappy, I also caught your first name at the end of the blog and I (as an investigator) put 2 and 2 together and knew it was you. GREAT job standing up and offering your help to anyone who needs it, it takes guts to do what you did and I at least hope that everyone appreciates it and does not trash you for trying to help out and/or being a LT.
we worked together way back at Hammocks when you were an officer and I even knew you as a civie B4 it all. All I have to say is thanks, we need more power for the punch and stepping up to the plate, no matter what or who you are is good, we need the eyes that see the evil and wrongdoing and the voices to speak out against it!

Spartacus said...

Hello all.

There's probably a lot that I could comment on, but there's really only one topic that I think bears correcting more than any other, and that's the leadership of John Rivera at the PBA. Let me say right off the bat that I'm not going to comment on or defend any ONE thing that the PBA did or didn't do for any ONE officer. I'm talking about what John Rivera through the PBA has done for ALL of us.

- Who here has been on long enough to remember the PBA under Hugh Peebles, Nelson Perry, or Mike Clifton? (I know many here have.) The PBA contract-wise was, prior to John Rivera, as useless as mammaries on a bullfrog.

- Who remembers the term "collective begging" (instead of "collective bargaining") when contract time came around?

- Who remembers going years (YEARS!!!) without a contract or a raise because we didn't have the political clout to force the County to bargain fairly?

- Who remembers being told by those same presidents that "there's nothing we can do"?

What happened when John Rivera took over? One of the first things he did was set out to build the political clout we needed to get things DONE. He understood (and still does) how the system WORKS. Who remembers the billboards (one of the first things John did) all over Miami expressways, with a blindfolded Mike Clifton in uniform with the caption, "Ask him why there's so much crime in Dade County"? The politicians sat up and said, "WTF?!?!?!?!!!" Ever since then we've gotten some of the BEST contracts EVER in my almost 3 decades on this dept.

Of course, some people haven't been on long enough to know that, and others have simply forgotten. Well, I haven't forgotten. All things considered, John has been the BEST damn president the PBA has ever had. Maybe someone out there can do better. If so, then come forward and RUN for the office. Put your money where your mouth is. If you can do better than John has, you'll have my vote!

PS. I would advise everyone to stick to FACTS. Everyone here has probably been screwed over at some time or other, emotions run high, and it's natural to want to vent. It feels good. But when you engage in name calling you sound like you have a personal ax to grind and YOU LOSE CREDIBILITY. If you stick to the facts you won't have to add that "X is an a-hole." People will KNOW IT.

?urdaddynow said...

to spartipus: Re: PBA

...and may i interject that the reason we have such a wonderful contract is through the hard work from our brothers/sisters at at the Fire Dept. they worked long & hard to win the great benefits... and KUDOS to the PBA lazy fat asses, being the underachievers that they are, recognized a Primo opportunity to COAT-TAIL off of the hard fought efforts of Fire!

Gotta hand it to the PBA they know how to take the easy way...years of practice. they put the "K" in Kuality! Sloths! What have you done for us lately?

spartipus straighten the gig line on that skirt you're wearing & hop on your chariot & trot yourself down PBA Blvd to that high-rent PBA office. And don't forget your chapstick you still have a lot of ass-kissing to do.

I put my money were my mouth is every month: P.L.E.A

leaving said...

?urdayynow you are right on target my friend about the PBA. It is not all about money which we all know who got us our raises. It is should be about representing police officers but it is not. When the department tells you that you can only use the PBA to represent you one should see the writing on the wall. Just think if you were going to get a divorce would you hire your wife's father to represent you? I think not that is why I also choose to to be represented by PLEA. Don't get me wrong I did at one time belong to the PBA club but I soon learned what a terrible mistake I made and exited. I recently read an article that was posted by John which stated that the department is not what it use to be. YES John you are right but you and your club are the reason.

maverick said...

Well, well, well...I guess SPARTICUS is either that fat piece of shit thug wannabe John Rivera or his pussy sidekick Steadman Stahl.

To all PBA members on this blog, read and listen carefully to what im going to tell you about the PBA.

It doesn't matter to John Rivera if your a member in good standing. He has and is defending a known sexual harrasment offender, Alexander Bencomo, who has been fired AGAIN for sexual harrassment and hostile working enviroment. Not only is he defending him, Bencomo, he sits on the PBA Board of Directors making decisions that affects us all. People this is an individual that has been terminatred for a second time. Also im sure that he is on the pba payroll collecting a paycheck from our dues. The PBA , because of there friendship with Bencomo, has decided to go after one of there own and current PBA member with an impecable work record to defend that slimeball. Not only is he defending the sexual deviant and attacking the victim of the harrassment, the pba has deposed the victim and witness officers, dropping subpoenas at there own station and has forced then to give depositoins..THEY ARE DOING THIS TO CURRENT AND ACTIVE PBA MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING. Now you tell me why on god's good green earth are we paying pba dues for, to be subjected to depositons, attacks and interrogations by the pba attorneys are paid from our dues and in a clear conflict violation of Florida Bar Rules.

So listen the sparticus faggot, John Rivera, Steadman Stahl or who ever the fuck you might be, im pretty sure that you know who i am. If you have the balls, stones or guts to call me or make the biggest mistake by wanting to meet me anywhere, which i doubt, please by all means bring it coward.

Secondly, Steadman Stahl, his cronie, even interfered with the PCB investigation, and get this one, the case was only made a memo to file when the victim officer complained.

I'm glad that people like "leaving" and "urdaddy" see through all your rhetoric and bullshit.

But, I'll promise you one thing fatboy and Steadman that when this is over, I'm going to make sure that every due paying member of the pba knows what your corrupt organization has done to its own members. Even at the cost of my own career scumbag.

People if you are ever in a jam, do not, and i repeat do not call them for anything. They definitely do not have your best interest at heart.

GetSome said...

Poked my head in and found lots of internal information that most road officers are not privy to. A lot of the info appears to be factual, some of it appears to be fictional, and the rest of the info was entertaining.

However, I soon realized that there is a core group of bloggers that have deemed themselves “hall monitors.” They are quick to slam another blogger that offers a different take on an issue and then suck each other off with "oh mav05, thanks for the 15" you can be my wingman, can I suck you off tonight!! How metro- sexual!! Then you slam a female Lt. who has the balls to identify herself and you ask her what she is going to do about her command staff? Right!! What planet do you live on? What have you done to correct the ills in your neck of the woods Opie? When you enlighten us, please also identify yourself. Denise showed more courage then the rest of you whiners! I can just imagine you guys attaining positions of power, you would be just as bad or worst then the turds we have in power now.

How about gathering information, identifying the issues, offering solutions, providing proof of the violation to a competent authority by filing a lawsuit with the EEOC, PLEA etc. If you currently hold a supervisory position, you can “make a difference” and take care of the good cops, re-train, spank the slackers.

Instead of enlightening the masses, the blog loses all its credibility with all the personal attacks! Reminds me of the "View." You guys sound like a bunch of 22 avenue "ghetto thugs," not cops!

maverick said...

Yeah your a real tough guy getsome....practice what you preach an identify yourself then pussy...your another faggot company man getsome. Or I guess your one of them pussy....my offer is good for you to. If you know how i am, lets get together tough guy.

And obviously, you have no clue how the system works by mentioning the EEOC aand PLEA, stupid fuck. How much did Ricky pay or are you Rickly Smith. Oh one more thing getsome, it was your wife that sucked me off last night faggot.

maverick05 said...

Getsome, I think I would answer you but as I read your blog message, it seems to me you answered yourself. If Denise is truly Denise, then you have to know her. Ask the personnel at Northside that work the Desk about her. Talk to others, just because she might be QRU with a select few, does not make her QRU. If a LT does his or her job, not stay quiet or kiss ass, you would have the guys support. The men and women of this department have to do their job regardless.

Hall Monitors? No getsome, bullshit monitors, I’m sorry that I cannot let bullshit pass. I guess to you that dick sucking. Once again, listen to the men and woman of Northside district; ask them if she has balls. What she offered was her assistance in how to get a sheriff elected. I did not hear ms ballsy talk about how to assist the men and women with the problem at hand, bad management. In fact she stated that she did not want opinions or comments about her work, just about the charter. That is what she said. Fuck that charter, what can ms ballsey in her position do for the guys.

Getsome, realize it is not about the position of power, that the problem. It is about the position of leadership. So Getsome, instead of making me feel good about dick sucking, poke her head back out of this blog, realize that this blog is about expressing yourself good bad or indifference, then poke your head back in. Yes, if you read the blog thoroughly, it was stated that through reading, even bullshit, personal attacks, nonsense statements, truth is present in this blog and people are tired of this bad management group of mdpd.

Getsome, if you challenge people to name themselves, one might want to take the lead and do it first, otherwise we might think that Getsome is just a “hall monitor” kissing ms balley’ balls.

Read your next to last paragraph, did you do anthing of what you wrote about in your blog today? Identify issues, offer solutions provide proof of violations? So you see Getsome, you have pacticipated in the same thing you accused us of doing.

Interesting analogy “ghetto thugs” Hmmmmm

jediknight said...
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jediknight said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Glad2BGone said...

Hey guys....this is Maximus and I'm not in anyway associated with Spartacus. Maverick....you're 110% right about this department getting scraps only because of the fire department bargaining. This dumb shit Spartacus supports the corrupt PBA who thanks to their being in bed with that lousy no-good fucking creep "A" for asshole Alvarez, I got spanked big-time and lost alot of money, among other things. The PBA could have gotten me out of this shit easy but they didn't recognize the "mistake of fact" by the hearing examiner in time to appeal it (I think they were intentionally doing this for Alvarez) and they didn't use their weight to go to bat for me because they're in bed with the scum on the 3rd floor who are too busy getting theirs and screwing you. Your dues are paying for Rivera's off-duty work (yeah right!)which he alledgedly does by providing security for the PBA building. You can't tell me John Rivera slips his fat ass into a uniform and walks around the PBA building! I know he wouldn't be doing this in plain clothes as thats not the intent of security but rather surveillance. Thats a nice job and it's strange I never heard about it until the 3rd floor needed to justify paying Rivera extra money. About my spanking, I've got it in black & white showing I didn't do what that lousy fuck Alvarez says I did but the PBA didn't want to challenge the macho mother-fucker's opinion of his bloated self so I had to bendover and take it like a Key West conch packer. Hey....what do you think ever happened to the Dade rape investigation of his son that caused it not to go to trial? I'll stop, even though the list of shit goes on, and simply say, the MDPD was one of the greatest and most respected police agencies in the US and poor choices of upper staff have caused it to spiral downward. You lead and set examples from the top----down. For those still there, you must love what you're doing so much that your actions are honorable and inspire others to emulate you for your satisfaction must come from within. Remember that you got into this work because you really care and want to do the right thing. One of the right things would be to put togeather evidence of wrong-doing and have the courage to speak out to others about it. I've never ratted out a fellow cop but this is different. These people do not deserve the title because they certainly aren't looking out for your welfare by promoting intellectual morons over you. Not only is it stupid, it's dangerous.

lmnop15 said...

All this talk about cock sucking and balls just makes me want to jump in here and say, whew! If we all gave up our names and met, we would not need this blog. Jedi-knight has a point, what earth shaken event occurred when lt happy gave up her name?
Getsome, nobody slammed a FEMALE Lt. The slam came because she is a Lt with some negative history in management. FEMALE, male or in between, bad supervisor is bad. Let me throw in also, black, white latin or whatever, bad is bad. Next time breathe, read, think and then write. It’s cool to back up your pal Lt Happy but realize that they are others with difference of opinion. Look Nanny and loftus was mention and So the departments is wide and long but look at the names that surface on this blog.
Heller and Fischer are nice chiefs, but asked them to back up the guys when wrong is done, need I say. So don’t confuse the two nice supervisor are just that nice, but it doesn’t make them leaders.
Spartacus, it is good what you said about Rivera, that is your opinion, but expect for other to express their opinions. To have political connection does nothing for what the guys are complaining about on this blog. Bad Transfers, Bad promotions, Bad oh I am sorry fake vacancy positions interviews, the list goes on and on and a phone call to the PBA produces the answer that piss members off, management can do what they want. Of course they can because management is on the board of directors. That is not Rivera fault though, that is our fault for keeping silence. As Mav05 stated, don’t try to sell the guys a bag of bullshit because we know better.
Sorry Lt happy for the negative on the blog but, I think that the guys are just pissed off at management and you got thrown in with the mix.

PBASucks said...

Ok, so the PBA comments made me want to chime in. Kudos to those of you that recognize that besides their self promotion and quests for political power, the PBA has nothing to do with the raises you've gotten. Besides that, they felt so threaten by PLEA that they forced the county to not allow payroll deductions for them. Why was this? The HPOA, POC, etc, they're ok but not PLEA. Feel threaten by a real union John "I wanna be a Guido" Rivera? Now, he puckers up to Parker and Parker writes a memo saying we are not allowed to have anyone but the PBA represent us?

Are you really that stupid? Of course you are... not the first time you send a county wide memo or email screaming about crap that you later had to retract. Never mind your rant about the sticker commemorating our fallen heroes in NY. But I digress...

Seems like everything you guys are ranting about are issues that our union should be involved in. So, I suggest before jumping through hoops to get a sheriff that will be in the county's pocket all the same... let's get rid of the PBA or at least John. Are you a member? Why?

maverick05 said...

Maverick, I guess if I say good job on calling it like it is, I’m sucking dick. Well, keep up the good job and to those who don’t like it, you know what you can do. Can someone enlighten us on what went on between two PBA members? Is this Como guy Ben, a new Ben Como or the son of Ben Como and what happen.

Let pass on some information, if you go to court and park illegally, once again they have put out that they will ticket and tow your vehicle. Do not park at spots for court personnel because they will also get you.

Try this, if you have to go to court and Metrorail is near, take that. Leave your district with plenty of time to catch the rail and walk to court, testify, give depo or prefile and then walk back to the Metrorail, wait for the train and go back to your district. If you really try, you can turn a ten minute court appearance into several hours. If you get hassle, tell your supervisor, that you don’t want your vehicle ticketed or towed. See how stupid that would be but does someone stop and think before they threaten to tow and ticket vehicles.

For stupid things like that management have a solution but for punishing bad supervisor, nothing, oops we made a mistake, sorry.

popo said...

Since we are all bashing the PBA let me drop my two cents. I have been an officer with this once great department for almost 10 years. Ive been lucky that in those ten years I had not gotten majorly fucked by the department. Other than for routine IA appearances i have never had the need to use the PBA. That is until that dumb fuck Captain in Northside .......we all know who im talking about...the babbling, memo sending, chase ending even thought an officer got struck, i think im the man but have no balls, idiot Guerra decided to fuck with me ....well at first i was pissed but in ingnorant bliss, i thought, dont worry the PBA will sort this out.....did they ever!!! after three days of calling almost BEGGING to speak with someone I finnaly talked to an attorney who gave me from what i here on this blog is the standard PBA answer.."we cant help you" If they cant help me why am I or any of us paying all this money for....10 fucking years of dues..thats a lot of money for the ONE time i really need them to tell me we cant help you! So to Spatacus go take your praising of the PBA somewhere else and take you head out of Rivera's ass...the only resason we have gotten any good raises is because of the fire department.....so i have two questions how do i cancel the crap ass PBA and how do i sign up for PLEA.....to the Mavericks and other GOOD writers to this blogs not the ones kissing management ass(spartacus)...keep up the great job ...we are behind you!

?urdaddynow said...

to popo

I think P.L.E.A's # is: 305-871-6997. and as far as dumping the cash guzzling PBA I think you can talk to your payroll person and ask how to go about halting the auto-sucking of your hard-earned $$$ out of your paycheck. it may take a memo...cuz you know the county can't do anything w/o killin a few more trees.

In fact...I think we should pick a date, one pay period for everyone who still has the PBA to do a MASSIVE WITHDRAWAL OF MEMBERSHIP. That should wake up the fat pigs! Waddyathink????? Sound like a plan?

fed-up said...

To getsome (which I doubt you are) and spartacus just like you logged on to this blog off and start you own blog. Maybe you should call it the Ass kissing PBA and I love MDPD and Bobby Parker blog ( then you could actually use your real names). I and a lot of others will continue to voice our concerns as we see fit. If you are offended then log off. What some do not realize is that some day they will also became a victim of the the Departments RATH JUST WAIT it will only take one bad supervisor and you will see. Just like popo said all was fine until!!! Winston Churchhill once said "Appeasement is like feeding a crocodile hoping that it EATS you LAST" The bottom line is that eventually all will be eatten so be represented.

maverick said...

"O5" it's quite simple. John Rivera decided to defend a known sexual deviant in Bencomo (he is the nephew of Chief Bencomo who was demoted for fucking a nurse at the parking lot of Miami Children's Hospital on duty), who by the way had been fired before for practically raping 5 county female civilian employees before, and sent his pathetic PBA attorneys to smear, destroy one of his own due paying member with an impecable record. It's in black and white. Call the PBA and they'll tell you.

FACT...Bencomo sits on the Board of Directors, making decisions that affect us all. Rivera defended a terminated sexual predator over a police officer. FACT...

People it doesn't matter if you pay dues or not. If you are not on the side of evil; Alvarez, Parker and Rivera they'll fuck you.

Get the word out to as many PBA due paying members that you can. Call his office and ask him why are your dues being used to defend scum like Bencomo. They can't deny it...

?urdaddynow said...

it finally hit me when I read your last blog Maverick, now I can put a face to the Alex. Bencomo name. Man obviously there's a genetic deficiency in that family-tree. I remember the older Bencomo the ass. And the youger one worked for VECIN at IGB and was caught boffing and harassing the civie girls at the south office. He got bounced out of there & ended up at Animal Control & then horror of horrors the next thing ya know he was at the property room. He's a smarmey-f&$#ker!!!

He should be in PRISON!!!!!!!!!!!

maverick said...

And thats who the PBA and John Rivera defends.........A SEXUAL PREDATOR THAT SHOULD BE IN PRISON...Word is that Rivera is using all of his influences in order to get Bencomo hired by another police department...

?urdaddynow said...

Crap like that makes me sick. Bonercomo & his PBA thug buds Tarnish the Badges of all Law Enforcement. It is persons of their ilk that make our job even more challenging to gain the trust & respect of the people we serve.

They are pure EVIL...I hope they all burn in hell.

maverick05 said...

Thanks, I did not know about the Como situation and the PBA. This is what I am talking about with this blog. Information, stuff that happens that we don’t know anything about. We need to know in order to effectively group together and fight this monster.
By the way, what happened to non-fiction? You should of stay on the blog, your opinion was different but that‘s okay, you should continue to blog. Hey Lt Happy, what happen? I think there was some misunderstanding but you should stay on. I really mean it; I might have come by had you stayed on. Then again. Getsome, poke your head back in and share. Really, I mean it. I am not teasing any of you, I am not afraid of different opinions, you can learn from it. I don’t control this blog no more than Maverick or whoever.
You see, controversy is not a bad thing if there is a two way exchange with open mind. Just because I might have said something you didn’t like doesn’t mean that I am right and you were wrong. Well, that doesn’t mean that non-fiction wasn’t talking bullshit.
Fed up, appeasement to me is a plain old fashion kiss-ass, plain and simple, a kiss-ass with a smile.

Spartacus said...

Ha ha! You'd think I'd slapped someone's momma by the response that I got from defending John Rivera. Just who do you think got us the "me too" clause with the fire dept? Who fought in Tallahassee for the reinstatement of the 3% per year retirement? And the fire dept was sucking hind mammary too until the PBA began flexing its muscle. If John Rivera didn't have ANYTHING to do with it, then why didn't some past president do all that he has done? The answer is THEY DIDN'T, because they didn't have the wherewithal to get things done.

How soon we forget. As I said before, some of you haven't been around long enough to know and the ones that have must be suffering from "selective memory loss." We had ZERO bargaining power until John came along. How many pay raises have we had and how many benefits do we enjoy now? This last contract was the BEST I've ever seen in my long career.

I hear a lot of griping about "the PBA did this" or "the PBA didn't do that," and I'm not going to minimize what may be legitimate complaints. But I'd like to repeat what one of my old-school sergeants used to say: "You have a lot of freedom on this job. You can do whatever you want. But when you get CAUGHT, take it like a man. Don't complain and say 'they're f-ing with me' or some other crap like that."

Some of the things people do are DEFENSIBLE, and some are not. You can't do something that's indefensible and then complain that the PBA didn't do anything for you. EVERY CASE that I've had to seek PBA assistance for has been resolved in my favor; some with grievances, some with legal action, and some with just a phone call.

All you naysayers who don't pay PBA dues should give back the raises and benefits you've gotten. As a matter of fact, if I had my way, you'd be on a different friggin' pay scale. Negotiate your own contract with the County, or get PLEA, the HOA, or the POC to do it. Good luck!

And another thing, Getsome was right on the money. Some of you guys (I think everyone knows who I'm talking about) sound more like snot-nosed teenagers in a chat room than PROFESSIONAL POLICE OFFICERS. For one thing, you KNOW you'd never talk to anyone face to face as you're doing on this board, and that shows not just immaturity, it's COWARDICE.

And you expect the media or anyone else to take you seriously? Please..........

PBASucks said...

Spart, I agree with your last paragraph but the rest was garbage.
I would love to have PLEA fight for our raises but the PBA is scared of PLEA.
Didn't hear you mention when Rivera covered up the incident where those 315 to SRT were canceled during Elian. Wow, the tapes even disappeared.
Didn't hear you comment on why Rivera would be so troubled by competition that they would have PLEA removed from payroll deductions or have the director claim they're the only ones allowed to represent you.
Didn't hear you comment on the idiots he has chosen to back for political office. He didn't even have the balls to choose a side last election and supported both candidates for Mayor.
What about contractual take homes so that he and the County can't threaten us even few years with taking them away?
Different Pay scale? How about this, you can keep the raises the PBA ACTUALLY got you.
I would hardly say a "Me Too" clause is considered fighting for us. It's like having K9 do a search and find a subject in the weeds and claiming you found him. Nope... you just took credit for someone else's work.
How about this? Let's give our PBA dues to the fire union since they do the legwork.
That's what you guys pay $25 a paycheck for? "Me Too" and "Sorry. Can't help. Operational necessity." That's ok, I'll keep my money.

maverick said...

Once again John's fagboy, Spatacus, comments on what he does not know. What, did you just finish sucking John's small dick and was told to right something.

Oh wait a minute, John's fag boy is Steadman Stahl, so Spatacus is Steadman.

Then explain the Bencomo situation dumdass. The victim officer had a defense, but you faggots decided to defend the sexual predator.

And as far as raises, thank god for the fire department. Yeah those 3% raises go a long way. If your so happy with your raises why dont you give them back to your boy Johnnie so he can swindle his off-duty pay easier.

What a faggot you are. Oh the PBA has always helped me. What every time you get into a crash and get a ROC they help you little boy. Please you are nothing but a PBA apologists and John's bitch. Do yourself and all of a favor and gargle with a .38 special.

And as far as "Professional", when John, you and your corrupt organization start acting
professionally, then comment stupid. And who are you by the way, some uselss county slug in a do nothing job. Thats why you dont get in trouble. You are and have alway been a waste. You are the one that should repay the county for theft of services.

Because of people like you, the PBA settles for whatever the county gets faggot. As far as the media, you probably dont read the paper, but they already published a story.....

mohican said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barney said...

Spartacus, first of all if you were on so long do you remember CHOIR PRACTICE? We talked about the job similar to what is on this blog. For those as you say, been on that long, we can tell you that we didn’t have so many assholes as today. Maybe you don’t remember choir practice because even back then, you were kissing ass.

Listen to what is going on in this blog. Do you hear gripe about pay raises, 3% high risk, golf tournament, awards to brass by the PBA, scholarship monies to children of command staff? That’s not what the bloggers are talking about. They are talking about the other part of the great contract which you considered the best in your life, seniority, bad transfers, bad discipline, ass hole supervisors, fake vacancies positions, if your head was not so far up Rivera’s ass, you would understand this. If you had an old-school sergeant, you would have learned to recognize bullshit when you saw it, read it, or heard it. That my friend is what my old school sergeant taught me. He also would have shown you how old time sergeants protected his men from the very same bullshit we are getting here from our department, Rivera and you.

Here is the simple fact about our PBA, go to them about a transfer, let say a thirty year veteran, senior sergeant, from the airport is all of a suddenly transfer to NORTHSIDE. Let say she calls the PBA and the answer she gets from them is at first, Management can do want they want, and subsequently a temporarily is granted. The PBA member is devastated and notice Spartacus, she did not at that time care two shits about her raises or 3% high risk. This is what people are talking about. Our great PBA and Rivera has done things that no other PBA presidents has done, he has filled the board of directors with yes people, kiss ass and most importantly management. He leaves no doubt about where he sleeps.

On this blog someone stated this; if management tells you to get your PBA rep, something is wrong.
Nobody is asking our PBA to do the indefensible, well not at this time, just do what is on the contract. Make management follow the rules, this is simply,

Spartacus, I guess what you are saying is since we get paid well, then we should shut our mouths. Do the dance because we are paid. Well you can keep dancing, I choose not and I believe many on this blog don’t dance either.

Spartacus, just like others, you must end with a statement, snot-nosed teenagers in a chat room other than PROFESSIONAL POLICE OFFICERS. PROFESSIONALISM starts at the top, most importantly if you really believed your own statement, what are you doing in this chat room with these snot-nosed children?

You would not know if we are COWARDS or not because you did not leave your information on this blog, in order for me to have this face to face talk with you, COWARD!

maverick05 said...

Spartacus, all I want to say to you is, ME TOO!

Just like what Barney wrote in his last paragraph to you, Mr. COWARD, ME TOO!

?urdaddynow said...

well hello SpartiPUS,

no twit. you didn't slap nobody's momma, but you and the PBA continue to slap the faces of the thousands of HONEST-LAW-ABIDING police officers that you are suppose to represent, you ignorant ass!

You need to read more the blogs more carefully, and stop the indefenseable defense of an organization that has lost the support of it's members.

I can only speak for myself but let me tell you in simple terms that your simple little mind can comprehend (excuse me, understand ...simple).

I have been on for more than 22 years & have needed the PBA twice....both Exonerated, so I know the rules and the laws and I abide by both! So they didn't really have to defend me for anything...the facts defended me.

I have not been fucked by idiot supervisors because i have been lucky and i have the seniority were i don't have to work for the bozos...LUCK!

What I am referring to in my disgust with the PBA is them turning a blind eye to all of the chicken-shit, kindergarten-antics that are being pulled by insecure, bipolar supervisors violating the SOP's and running wild with the vendictive writing-up of & then transferring officers WITHOUT CAUSE!

SpartiPUS, Pay attention now...THESE ARE OFFICERS WHO HAVE NO PRIOR DISCIPLINARY SPANKINGS...NOT EVEN AN R.O.C., AND THEN WHEN THEY CALL THEIR BELOVED PBA FOR REPRESENTATION THEY ARE TOLD THAT THEY CAN'T HELP THEM, OR ...A GRIEVANCE MIGHT TAKE AS LONG AS A YEAR...ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO GRIEVE YOUR D.A.R. AND TRANSFER?????? I have witnessed these conversations! The PBA is apparantly too busy representing people who are CRIMINALS & PERVERTS to bother representing the decent people who deserve their representation. The PBA should telling the likes of Bencomo, sorry we can't help YOU...where are the ethics for Krimeny-sakes!

Let me break it down for you, brother. I DON'T want the cops who break the law to be represented by the PBA. I WANT them Arrested, & hauled off to jail. I WANT them to have to pay their own money for some smarmey defense attorney to handle their CRIMINAL DEFENSE. I DON'T want cops who break the law to be cops. Simple enough for you, NOW!!!!!!

Let me ask you this, genius. At the PBA meetings, when you look around and see the faces of those who are in attendance do you see anyone other than the same core group? How many of the thousands of MDPD members do you see there? Well??????????....

Definition of ME TOO CLAUSE: syn: COAT-TAILING!


NEWSFLASH: Times change, old dogs can learn new tricks. I'd rather use my PBA dues elsewhere now & since I would never utilize the PBA in case I ever needed to defend myself against some misdeed commited by MDPD. As previouly stated I am a P.L.E.A member. So hear this, the withdrawal of my PBA membership is forthcoming. I urge other, still-PBA-members, to do the same. And, as tough-luck would have it...Florida is a RIGHT TO WORK state. So the PBA is S.O.L.

lmnop15 said...

?urdaddynow, Very well stated. I hope Getsome doen't think I'm dicksucking.

I think if you read the blogs, it looks like the majority of us is looking for those elusive words, duty, honor, intergrity, ehtics, fairness, equally responsive, and commitment. You know, words that doesn't exist with our command staff, nor the PBA.

It quite simply,honor our contract, not just the pay portion of it. Equally apply your own policies, and most importantly, obey the law. If you do that, we the men and women of this department would be happy.

Spartacus, money can't buy you love, nor comfort you when you are unfairly treated. Money can't buy most of us, that is why we became police officers.

You use you own words, remember back then, if you been on that long? We did this job not for the money they paid us, but becasue we really loved police work. The expression of back then was, I'm having this musch fun and they are paying me too!

It ain't fun no more, get it.

maverick said...

The day that the PBA defended that piece of shit Bencomo, is the day that sealed the end for me with the PBA. I was so disgusted that I wrote and sent a letter to fatboy, daring him to publish it in his little faggot newspaper. He never did. Still waiting you fucking COWARD...

Practice what you preach fatboy.. oh wait a minute, you cant cause spatafag is sucking your small dick.

Mark said...

Spartacus, these people were paid well:

Judas-thirty pieces of gold

Et tu Brutus - Polictical power

Benedict Arnold-debt, and annual salary with a lump sum turn him

Rivera - off-duty money without voucher

25plus said...

Greetings to all; I came to this Department under Bobby Jones and Nelson Perry for PBA. The work is still worthwhile but most of the command staff is truly incompetent. They truly do not know their job and make numerous errors partly because of their ignorance and some because they are indeed bad people, like the tyrant Naim, the evildoer Thompson, she is both, Patterson, Loftus (a joke). You that like him so much, try going to his division without a godfather.

If the stuff about Smith is true, please send it to Bill O'Reilly or Greta S. at FOX.

leaving said...

If I hear one more person say that Randy Heller is a nice guy I think I will scream. First of all to me a nice guy is someone who does the right thing regardless of his or her position. This person must also stand up for what is right, just ethical and fair regardless of the consequences. I have seen to many good people who are in his chain of command get screwed by bad management decisions, with him rubber stamping those bad decisions. Sadly we have gotten so use to the fact that just because someone shakes your hand or kisses you on the cheek that they are good guys.
As a road officer when it gets to the point that I am afraid (coward) to do my job I will retire.
Remember when we were being trained as a rookies, if you were a coward you were fired? It appears to me that Randy Heller has become a COWARD and if he were a rookie he would be fired for such cowardness.
Maybe it is time for Randy Heller to retire and become a social worker.
If anyone can give me one example where he stepped up to the plate and DEFENDED an employee for a bad management decision (we all know there are a lot of those) than I will take it like a MAN and say "MY BAD I WAS WRONG" until then I will continue to say RANDY HELLER IS A COWARD.

spoon said...

Randy Heller is a nice guy.

Barney said...

Spoon, not doubts that Heller is a nice guy but I get what leaving is saying. For you, I break it down further, Heller is a nice guy, but what does that have to do with being Chief? He is a nice guy that will not do anything to fix the problems spoken on this blog. This nice guy will not intercede when one of his supervisor does something wrong to an employee. He will sit by as alot of nice guys do and do nothing, NOTHING! Great guy to talk to this Heller, but will do N-O-T-H-I-N-G! So you are correct Spoon, Heller is a nice guy if that is your point.

Last point, if I am standing by as guy is beating the shit out of you and I do nothing, to you think that the victim of the beating think I am a nice guy? No matter how many people write in or tells this victim of this beating that Barney is a nice guy, the victim will never believe it. To him you could not possibly be a nice guy and do NOTHING!

Spartacus said...

Looks like I slapped someone's momma, again! LOL.

Yeah, I remember choir practices and I miss them tremendously. I think they helped build camaraderie not just among officers and sergeants, but also with the occasional Lts, Cpts, and Majors who would partake. It's one of the drawbacks of the take-home car program that we can't have them anymore.

I said in my original post that I wasn't going to comment on specific individual cases that the PBA has handled. That's IMPOSSIBLE. There are different circumstances surrounding each one and, more importantly, different POINTS OF VIEW. (Read the Heller remarks above for perspective.) It's funny to hear someone say, "X supervisor is great!", followed by someone saying, "X supervisor is an a-hole!"

We've all seen tremendous injustices when it comes to promotions and transfers. Some of them make me mad enough to wanna spit, and I'll grant you that perhaps the PBA should take a more proactive role in how those things come about. Mohican's suggestion is a great one. But the problem is that as it stands now there is little the PBA can do. Remember, it's a "bargaining unit," not a "union." When push comes to shove, unless the Dept/County do something legally actionable, they can simply say, "Suck it" to us and the PBA. And don't kid yourself, they'd say the same thing to PLEA or whoever else the bargaining (read "begging") unit was.

For those that think we're being "bought off" with money just to keep quiet, that's YOUR perception and YOUR interpretation and not that of everyone else. Heh, I'll even grant you that maybe I'm in the minority and EVERYONE thinks that. I would reiterate that there are certain things that the PBA can do and certain things that it can't, at least under the current legal restrictions. It's not a perfect world. Sorry. Before John Rivera, the PBA would approach the County, hat in hand, and say, "Alms for the poor?" When John took over that CHANGED, and for that he deserves all the credit.

The single biggest problem with our Dept is that our leaders don't lead by example. I'm also ex-military, and to call this a "para-military" organization is laughable, unless "para" means "totally unlike." In the military it is an axiom that leaders lead, they don't simply direct. But the poisonous attitude in the Dept has always been, "Do as I say, not as I DO." That is the one thing that above all has to change.

FWIW, the ones that wanna engage in childish insults, save them. They're wasted on me. I haven't been a cop this long and dealing with crap on the street to be affected by insults. For another thing, I won't post anything here that I wouldn't either say to someone in person or that I wouldn't put on the front page of the Herald. Now, if you think spewing a bunch of invectives will win your case, then by all means go ahead.

PS. I have a feeling that I'll post under my real name before too long. "The spirit within me compels me." Job 32:18


spoon said...

To the maverick’s tired guys and purple dinosaurs; many of the points are well made. I agree and personally understand the frustration exhibited here. The thing is that when someone poses a contradicting view that we don't like, the retort can't be "you fag, you guys are sucking each other’s dicks...” and the like. There needs to be some substance to the reply. While I agree that the PBA is in bed with the county one cannot ignore that pay and benefit wise we have it pretty good. "You too" clause or not, have you spoken to any cops from other states? When you hear what they get (like 30% after 30 years) it makes us sound like a bunch of sniveling fags.

I have not seen pay or benefit complaints on this blog. Just the internal bullshit we have to put up with. Then the solution seems to be within as well, not the PBA. There needs to be a grassroots way to petition changes in the SOPs the way that Mohican mentions. Don't forget that the brass likes to hide behind them and shove them up our collective asses when they chose. As such there should be protections for the rank and file written there too.

George, I mean Sparticus; yes the PBA is a bargaining unit. However there are provisions written in our contract that provide us with certain protections. Why not take them a step further and fight for more guarantees or rules for appointment to certain positions. Since we all know this year is going to be a tough fight for money then let’s use this upcoming contract to fight for more rights. As a board member you can bring it up at the next meeting. If you show up.

In closing and in the spirit of my fellow bloggers...GO FUCK YOUR SELVES!!!!

Spartacus said...

Wow, another voice of reason, for the most part. I agree with everything you said, Spoon, except I'm not "George," I'm not a PBA board member, and I'm not gonna go fornicate myself. ;-)

Should we "fight for more guarantees"? Absolutely. Just remember that when you're limited to only "bargaining" there's not a lot you can do. I advocated a "blue flu" at the one and only PBA board meeting I ever attended and by the reaction I got (not during Rivera's tenure btw) you'd have thought that I had called for an armed insurrection or something equally drastic.

maverick said...

Hey, it's spatafag again or John's bitch. Did the cat get your tongue on the PBA's defense of Bencomo. Try getting your head out of Rivera'a ass. How pathetic you are "I've been a cop so long to have names affect me". WOW... WHAT A PUSSY..All you are is a county slug, a PBA apologist and John Rivera's bitch.

Also, why don't you comment on the Nationwide Insurance scam that the PBA pulled. Once he got wind that the SAO's was investigating it, there was a mysterious burglary at the PBA office and the only thing that was taken was the nationwide file. PBA fucked over a lot of there insured with that one. hmmmm...smells fishy..fucking crooks.

Comment on that or we all know you wont, because your sucking John's small dick.

One more thing tough guy, if you have the stones, give me your name and i'll have that face to face talk that you previously mentioned. Your the COWARD.

ps. I'll be awaiting your response cupcake. muah...

Whodat is said...

I think (and I'm pretty confidant) that the Nationwide bailout by the county was what and has caused many of us Academy brats not to get our 3% as everybody else did. I personally think that a deal was made and that's why Rick Kolodgy and John had the falling out that they did (simply well reasoned speculation) the longer the time passes and as more academy kids retire, the less academy kids can or will complain. But damn, put the eight year DROP on the board and it almost goes all the way first draft! I smell a rat!
I'm not saying that the eight year DROP is bad, just a smokescreen that costs the state NOTHING.
Let's keep the positive news positive.
Can anyone comment on Parker having a sexual harassment complaint investigated by FDLE? Whow! apparently a female PO.....probably went away as soon as she was promoted to Sgt (without taking any test) hahaha

Barney said...

Spartacus, you are limited only by your mind, I don't mean it as a slam. You insult us when you keep giving the PBA as out, by saying they are only a bargaining unit. PLEA is not a bargaining unit and from what I hear, they don't limit themselves.There is a section of the contract which states that the county will GUARANTEE not to change your hours in order to avoid paying overtime. The department themselves will tell you that the called the PBA and they stated that the department can do this. You don't need no blue flu, just the balls to make the department honor the contract. There are so many items in the contract we have, that we do not need to invent the wheel again. JUST MAKE the DEPARTMENT FOLLOW THEM!It is easy if the PBA WANTED TO.

To Spoon, I guess your analogy is; if there is a police department not paying as well as we are, then we should stay quiet otherwise we sound like a bunch of sniveling fags? Hmmmm, maybe you are right. But I'm sure you are willing to give back your take home car, pay to change your uniform, for your gunbelt and shoes, and most importantly give back some of your benefits becasue there another department not doing as well. How about pay for your retirement becasue there are other department that police officers contributes to their retirement. I can go on but, You can pay me twice my salary and get me mor ebenefits but you cannot step on my rights, period. My rights does not have a price tag, get it?

spoon said...

Barney, relax. Don't forget your theme song. "I love you, you love me...” and all that. I didn't mean we should give back shit. I was repeating a point made here that our bennies are not the problem. It’s the other stuff that keeps coming up; nepotism, favor mongering bad brass and the like. The point is what are we going to do about it? Write anonymous blogs until our fingers drop off? That's just a waste of time. I'd rather surf for porn. What we need to do is change things. Mohican made a good suggestion that I have sort of echoed. Let’s make the PBA do something of substance. I agree with maverick in that I'm ashamed to admit that I am a member. But as long as I am, they are going to earn their money.

What I'm saying is this, I challenge everyone who logs on to this blog, whether they write on it or not, to call the PBA tomorrow and demand that they put more in our contract than just raises and 4 hours for court. That they put something in writing that binds the department from doing things like sending a detective like Adam Shahan from Northside Auto Theft to the road in Miami Gardens. The explanation? Operational necessity. Like him or not, how the fuck can they do that and get away with it. They did.

I'm glad Longo got her job back. Her case was the exception. It should be the rule.

Make the call. The worst thing that will happen is that they won’t do shit.

Last point, PLEEEASE stop with the "tell me who you are so I can kick your ass" stuff. I don't see anyone but the Loon putting their name on this thing.

Till later


VDLV said...

OK. First of all, being one of the folks who started this blog, I think it's a bad idea for anyone to use their real name or somebody elses. You couldn't prove that was the actual person anyway. We don't need any physical confrontations--let's stick to intellectual ones. It's good that people feel safe enough to blog. Putting names could only lead to actual IA complaints...bad idea.
In response to various comments: The PBA supported Alvarez before they even knew whether or not there'd be anyone running against him. The PBA was/is a big contributor to Alvarez' campaign. The PBA is more interested in politics than its members. I was shocked to hear they've been supporting Bencomo. He really is a sexual predator. Being I dropped out of the PBA 7 years ago, I didn't know Bencomo was on the Board. That's scary. But Rivera keeps getting elected. He's even the FLorida president...very powerful politcally now. I think they have gotten away from what the people want because while everyone donates, very few go to meetings, vote, etc. Just like our department's controlled by a few, so is the PBA. They also spend the members money supporting other candidates for political office, like their friends, like that attorney they put up against Fernandez=Rundle. They support judges, etc. which probably has little benefit to the members.
Rivera picks up the tab at lunches and dinners like he's a king, paying with your dues. Nobody audits his expenses. He says they're business lunches/dinners, but no one checks to see that he picks up the tab all the time for his friends and people he supports politically for his own personal benefit. He managed to get himself into the Florida PBA presidency by using your dues to buy politicians in Tallahssee.
Other comment about Alvarez' son being a rapist...it's true... serial rapist...is or will be getting out very shortly.
From what I've heard, people of all ranks are blogging, so it's not just the rank and file,but supervisors of many ranks too. Many supervisors and even command level people (not as many of obviously) are disgusted with the department. We can't assume it's only p.o.s blogging or disgusted. I agree that there are not many stand up people on the 3rd floor. I've heard that Parker doesn't include anyone but his inner circle in any of the decision making. His inner circle of Ricky SMith, Sheila Thomas, Richard Amion, JD Patterson (?); then there's the Alvarez circle of Vigoa, Vecin, etc... Some of those leaving soon will be replaced by other cronies...we'll see. Unfortunately, as one of you mentioned, the "interview" process is a joke. Actually, it's so biased it's not funny. Those of you who have worked hard your whole career aspiring to ascent to a challenign position, you can forget about it. You've got to have a godfather. No one, but no one gets promoted on merit anymore.
The command staff says it's the director's prerogative to promote who he wants. So do not bother applying unless you receive an invite. The assessment center may not be perfect but I'd rather take my chances with it than an interview process. Sure you can memorize SOPs, take that training and it could be revamped. Beats being interviewed by Sheila Thomas, JD Patterson, Oscar Vigoa, Loftus, and the like. They're only go move their friends forward...
As far as discipline and transfers go, some folks deserve it and are slugs. Others may not. As they say, "Where you stand depends on where you sit." "lmnop15" was on the money when s/he said just because supervisors are nice, doesn't make them leaders. Case in point, Montejo signing off on Munecas IA case (which was initiated AFTER he retired) then telling people they stamped her name...yeah right. Montejo signing a memo "not sustaining" "Sergeant" Dak Simonton's IA case for molesting his 11 year old neice, without it going back to the disposition panel (that must be a new procedure). Coincidentally, Simonton's mother is a federal magistrate and his stepfather a US attorney, friends of Alvarez. Then Montejo makes chief and says to people how disgusted she is that he got away with it and that Simonton will "never work for her." Well guess where Simonton works..for her in Systems Development Bureau. Hypocrite. And Randy Heller signing off on Willie Vigoas IA case, then telling people he didn't agree with Amion's findings of "not sustained"...yeah right..but he signed anyway. Fed-up was right too, when s/he said someday it could be YOU getting screwed by the deparment.
Anyone who followed what happened to Holden, Munecas, Tretrola would know how that happens. Munecas got "blamed" for telling the media about "friends and family" at the training bureau and for whistleblowing the Willie Vigoa case. They forced him to retire, then forced his son to resign. Holden same thing. Tretola for investing Parker's daughter's boyfriend. This is stuff we should be worried about. If you get transferred and still land on your feet, not as big a deal. When they go after your family and you have to retire after 30 years without any dignity, that's something else. Watching all of this happen made me literally sick. How can Ricky Smith be the chief over IA? From lieutenant to major to chief on the express train. With his record of being investigated for selling drugs and being caught in the company of a hooker (while married of course). This is missing from his personnel jacket by the way. Shouldn't the head of our IA be above reproach?
Keep blogging. It's good to share stories...

Barney said...
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Barney said...

Okay, okay, why would I call the PBA to ask them to put more on our contract? Read our contract and then read our departmental policies. The PBA is not enforcing the ones on the contract now, so placing more means nothing if you are not willing to do anything about it. THEY, PBA, aren’t willing to do nothing about it. Go ahead and call, people have been calling for years. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and start over again. If you continue to feed the monster, it grows.

Management and labor don’t mix, management and labor don’t mix. As long as we accept management in our labor union, it will not work. Management loves it because it gives them a second organization they can use to control us.

Don’t get mad but as you stated you rather surf for porn, then go surf and jerk off, because it appears that you still don’t get this blog. Anonymous blogging is bringing us at last together and while at this stage it doesn’t appear to be making a difference, it is providing information to all of us.

You see Longo is not the exception, there have been others that went back; the exceptions only exist at the PBA. They would like for you to think that. It is through this blog anonymous that we can see that you can beat a malicious transfer. If you are going to make a call, then call PLEA. I haven't but trust me I will,I will not continue to make a mistake and feed the monster.

Spoon, I won’t ask you to identify yourself because I really don’t care to meet you. Continue to waste you money and call the PBA, maybe they raise our dues again to cover the cost of extra calling.

leaving said...

I made up my mind that I was not going to blogg again but I just have to one last time.(because I am leaving) My question is to Randy Heller, since none of your friends who think you are a nice guy can not provide me with one example where you have defended an employee against a bad management decision. I now give you the opportunity to do so. (we all know you are logging on) When Thompson makes a bad decision why is it that you do nothing? Everywhere that woman goes it is nothing but problems. But you continue to cover for her. What will it take? Are you trying to make Niam think that all is well or is he the one calling the shots? Be a man and get real. If not I hear that they will not have to replace Chief Montejo when she leaves with another female because they have you. We await your reply not one of your kiss asses.

Spartacus said...

Barney, "Anonymous blogging is bringing us at last together..."?! WTF crack are you smoking?! Just look at what happens when someone voices a difference of opinion with someone else; they get attacked.

Hey Mav, honey, get over yourself, you ain't that tough and you don't intimidate ANYONE. I don't know WTF you think you're posting, but this is a POLICE blog, not your pansy knitting club. I hardly think any REAL police officers are either impressed or intimidated by your crap, so give it a rest. I'm sure there's a kindergarten somewhere that you could terrorize. Pfffft....

(WDYT, Barney? Do you think that "brings us together?")

Reread the original post by Sheriff2B. It seems to me from the tone that his intent wasn't for this blog to descend to the gutter as it has. Since when is a difference of opinion considered an "insult?" You (and many others) are choosing to focus on the negative when it comes to the PBA, I'm choosing to look at the positive. But I frankly question either people's tenure, memory, or motives if they say they don't remember how bad things were before we had the PBA primarily, and before we had John Rivera to give the PBA some teeth. And I can do it without using threats and/or expletives.

When you bring up the issue of enforcing the contract you're preaching to the converted; the PBA should absolutely fight for the Dept to abide by the contract and even its own SOPs. But a big part of the problem is that a lot of officers don't have the cojones to go to the PBA and file a grievance to begin with. If they did, their case would be a slam dunk, but THEY WON'T. They fear the repercussions. I've told people to file grievances until I'm blue in the face (I'm doing it right now!), but they won't.

I still want to avoid what may be perceived as a personal attack, so I won't name names. But one of our former directors was asked by a friend of mine, over a poker game, why the command staff did the stuff they did KNOWING that it was wrong and KNOWING that in all likelihood it would eventually be rescinded by either an arbitrator or a judge. His response was, "We do whatever we want, until somebody challenges us." When he told me that story I decided that from then on I would challenge them whenever the situation merited it, and that's what I recommend to EVERYONE.

I can't speak for the experiences of others, but the PBA has served me well, and just because it has and I say so is no reason for people to start a flame war. Which brings me to something I said before: you're dreaming if you think that any journalist is going to take other than a passing interest in this blog. Maybe if we kept the discussion on a more intellectual rather visceral level it would have the desired effect. Right now it's like a bunch of kids yelling four-letter words at each other. That'll accomplish a lot...

I would encourage everyone to tone done the rhetoric and inject some sanity back into the blog. There're many ways to make your point without having to resort to personal attacks.

Whodat is said...

I agree, "No Personal Attacks" this will just cause people to sign off and not blog anymore, saying this, we can assume that anyone who does personally attack anyone for having a contrasting view is someone who wants this blog to disappear and that would not be good since were rolling....
First of all, I was around with Peebles, Perry and Clifton and we had nothing but a tin cup with a few pencils in it. after John Rivera came in (and I was against him from the start after his initial changing of the rules within...Remember anyone?) we started getting stronger and stronger becoming a force to be reckoned with, a very good thing for us over the long haul, but as Kings get to comfy in their Kingdom's so has John R, we need him to once again grasp the reins and remember WHO he represents and WHO put him there, ACCOUNTABILITY comes to mind with him and the NEPO/CHRONIE command staff that we have. we are losing this organization due to mis-management. More grievances should be filed by Officers/Sgt's being transferred without cause or because of punishment, "CHALLENGE" the Department and document any person that tells you not to grieve or complain because that will simply make it harder for you down the road, In other words they tell you to take it, accept it and be gone because if you don't than etc, etc, etc will happen to you. What do we have Attorney's for? So they can tell you that they agree with the ruling and take your licks? I guess that they are too busy defending the licks that the Bencomos have taken over the years. (UNBELIEVABLE that our PBA defends this repeat offender).
If we don't collectively take steps to improving the situation right now than our house will crumble like so many other institutions are in this day and age. I ask as a three decade member of the PBA to address this dilema in the next issue of the HEAT as to what steps will be taken by OUR union to correct the problem that we are all dragged down with, Why our dues are defending Bencomo? and just for grins tell us how many complaints have been made against him (we know a lot)and how many hours have been spent on his cases? Demand that the Rank be accountable for their actions as leaders. Investigate how many supervisors are leading our young Officers into areas where they themselves have never gone, or where the Officers themselves have lack of confidence in their supervisors. Its our Unions responsibility to uncover and report these situations because if they don't, then another STRONGER group will emerge and do it and the Rivera/Stahl boat will eventually sink.

doe, john doe said...

We are losing focus on what we are trying to accomplish here. Yes the PBA is flawed but they are only a small part of the problem. The bigger part is exposing the coverups that are occurring at thecommand level. The media is not interested in the history of the PBA, we need to stay focused and continue to provide information that can be used to expose what is truly going on. What is the update on the Rifkin/Pichardo issue? The Burgess, Smith and Parker? This information is what needs to be brought to light and exposed for the media to report on. That is waht they are interested in. Stay focused and let the LIGHT SHINE!

Barney said...

Spartacus, remember we are on a blog, together not literally, stay with me: together in a sense that those in the blog are at least stating their problems together here, good, bad or indifference. We did not have this before. While I state my point and disagree with others, I at least like that police officers are talking together with each other. Some choose to voice in a civil manner, some do not, some disagree with others and some are just plain mean but, here we are on a blog we didn’t have before. So together didn’t mean kum-ba-ya together but at least here.

Most importantly if you encourage everyone to tone down the rhetoric, make a point without having to resort to personal attacks, then might I suggest you reread your message on this blog. Shouldn’t the requestor of the tone down set the example?

I guess WTF means, Wait Til I’m Finish? Or where you asking me, what the fuck crack was I smoking. You see by your own words that you too think that your own opinions are the right one.

REAL Cops doesn’t have to state whether they are impressed or intimidated by anyone. We among each other talk this way all the time, but I don’t have to tell you this, after all you are a REAL COP, right?

Reread your blog and if you actually believe what you stated in your last paragraph, write a new one without all the BS you wrote, otherwise I will have to think, WTF crack are you smoking!

PBASucks said...

Kudos to VDLV, not only do you make good points but did so in an intelligent way.

I don't agree that the PBA is a small concern... I think it's the easiest to resolve and would have the strongest effect if we had someone in there willing to challenge the Dept and expose them when necessary.

Amazing that they won't hesitate to go to the media when they are attacked or involved in one of their political agenda fights but, for us? Never...

How many people, out of curiosity, would quit the PBA? Why don't someone send a message to Johnnie and give him a chance to answer to all this... if he won't then a mass quitting should send the message. Money talks, right?

When Johhnie loses a chunk of his Guido suit money, I'm sure he'll take notice.

maverick05 said...

First of all I agree with you that the PBA is a big problem. But, John will not believe that we would quit. Police talk, if you tell a guy to leave the corner otherwise he will be subject to arrest and you don't arrest him, he won't leave.

Spartacus, I read your blog and I also want to know WTF crack are you smoking. Sorry, that's so negative and personal. I should refrain from this type of attack.

The different is I don't mean it, I'm playing with you as I thin you are full of shit. Get it, cop to cop talk, imagine youself at a choir practice , drinking and bullshitting each other. Raggin out, ranking and such, then we start to talk about the job and the department, remember?

Difference of opinions and disagreement among us is not a bad thing. Really and contrary to you, I'm not on crack. Mav says what he says in the matter that is offensive to some, were you guys on a sqaud where guys have a difference of opinions, say stuff that's offensive and yet, becasue we cops, we hang out?

I agree, REAL COPS don't have to say that they REAL COPS.

Relax, continue to blog, whether someone believes in the PBA, or that John is the best President, don't get mad at them. Make fun disagree and continue to blog.

But realize, elected sheriff or not,without a strong union, the problems stays the same. Money is great, days off is wonderful, annual vacations and such, college benefits and retirement options, but management is treating us like shit and it must STOP!!!!!!

VDLV said...

News alert! Clay Aiken(from American Idol fame)is gay! Just came out today. LOL...ROFL [rolling on the floor laughing. Sorry guys, I just found that so funny.

?urdaddynow said...

I know one thing... that when the cash cow stops givin' cash then the PBA will realize that perhaps they shouldn't have blown-off the members who came to them seeking representation. REMEMBER when I speak of those seeking representation I ONLY speak of people who have screwed-up NONCRIMINALLY or have been victimized by Management breaking the contract or violating SOP.

It's time that the Money Train comes to a screeching halt. WITHDRAW FROM THE PBA.

The PBA has become a self-promoting personal ego trip for John (i never met a camera-angle I didn't like) Rivera at the expense of it's members.

If J.R. had an honorable bone in his body or one shred of decency, he would resign his position and demand the resignation of his "kling-ons" as well.

He has prostituted his position with the PBA to fullfil his OWN personal agenda and to feed that enormous ego of his.

Do you know, that REAL UNIONS do not allow persons in Management to be Members... let alone allow them to sit on the Board of Director's. IT'S DOES NOT HAPPEN PEOPLE!

And the way the PBA coddles MDPD Command Staff & the Mayor & the Commissioners is an absolute slap in the face to every one of us. Real Unions refer to such behavior as SWEETHEART CLAUSES. It means they're sleeping with the enemy...they're double-agents. It means they're selling us out, in one form or another.

I'm done with the PBA, et al. They can sleep with the fishes.

nicarico said...

Barney, I'm with you brother. We arn't so touchy feely here at robbery. If we don't agree with somone we let them know. If they can take it fine. If not, go to a knitting blog. They are alot more sensitive there.

Check it out, I am so relieved to be out of Northside. The place used to be a fun place to work. Now they have sergeants as lead workers and the lieutenants run the show. It used to be that if you did your job and did it well you were left alone. You have to adjust your schedule to their convenience but not to yours. What is that? You take a million car theives to jail and what thanks do you get. What latitude do you get. None.

Barney and I are staying right here. The wings are on me Barn.

spoon said...

Spartacus thanks for the help but it's OK. The ball busting is part of the blog. Particularly between cops. Now, back to Barney.

So your suggestion is what then? The PBA sucks, supervisors suck and the solution is....what? Offer something. You say that management and labor don't mix. That's funny. The same argument is made by a certain command staff mentioned in this blog several times. That is part of the problem. The "us versus them" mentality. Coming in both directions.

When Nanney was in Northside, moral was at an all time high. Like him or hate him most folks will agree with that. It would take the man an hour to get to his office in the morning. Why? Because he would take the time to talk to the officers in the parking lot, in the roll call room, in the sergeant’s office, etc. The man knew what was going on in his district and for the most part people liked him. He had his critics but then who doesn't. The best part was his door was always open. Talk to the folks in narcotics and see if the same still holds true. He takes care of his troops.

In comes the successor to the throne. Given a turn-key operation. What does she do? She alienates everyone, and keeps herself secluded except for a select few. She sneaks in through the back stairs and NEVER keeps the door open. There are folks in NS that say they couldn't pick her out of a line up after working for her for a YEAR!! Do you believe for a minute that that the upper brass didn't know about it?


Why, promotion of course!!

I'm open for suggestions. Should ALL gold badges be subjected to some higher and frequent scrutiny or questionnaires to their subordinates? Maybe.

jediknight said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barney said...

Spoon, it is not an us vs them mentality. I don't mind management, we need it for good order. Bad management is what I am talking about, vindicative management, abusive mangement. Not US vs THEM.

But, is any labor dispute, it a dispute about between lower and upper. Labor and mangement don't mix period. Any place else, managemnet has their own union. I go further, corrections and police don't mix. their problem is different than ours. How do I complain about a sergeant wewn the sergeant is in charge of our union. How do you pass anything against management when managementis on the board of our union?

Nanny is qru as long as you agree with him. He's a great guy but do not disagree with him becasue he will become management.The thing nanny got going on than for the most part, he is the most fairest major on the department and they, mangement hate him for it. He will not rubber stamp anything. There are other, the major down south, Garcia.

Solution is very simply, make them follow the rule period. Stop the abusive behavior. If the PBA cannot do it or won't do it, then let us create a organiztion that will. If you have a problem and it is righteous, that I have the same problem and I will back you up. It does work, when you can get another person to satnd up , then you two and then three.

Between you and me, does the PBA suck or supervisor suck, of course not. It is not a blanket statement. But does the PBA do their job, the answer is no, Do we have abusive supervisor, the answer is yes. The is the fact.

Trying to fix the PBA is pointless, blow it up and start again. A police officer is responsible for their action and there are consequences if they do bad. There is no consequences for bad supervisor, none. If they make a mistake, ha ha, it just that. oops, my mistake.

This is start.

maverick05 said...

Barney stop it, you are making too much sense. Jedi-Knight I feel you becasue northside is fucked up, oops, I don't mean to offend anyone, messed up. No one wants to say it but, it needs repaeting so we do not forget.

Guerra, need I say. Ramos what else is needed before someone take notice. She did in a detective because she slept with her, soory, lets stick with the fact. Quiepe, Captain Quiepe, a captain with an outstanding records until he felled out of touch. yet one one did anything about it. FERgunson is not interested in her district only in the next step. She was send to Northside w/o experience and at the expense of the men and women of northside district, she single handed destroyeds moral. Let named the district after her, as we promote her.

LT Rera, what is she? How in the hell is she a supervisor. But I am not suppose to state negative on this blog. just positives.

I think I'll sit down and go three beers before going to work for these jerks.

Spartacus said...

Well, it looks like the rhetoric did calm down some, and that's a good thing. I'll be the first to admit that all we do all day on my squad is bust balls, but it's done in jest with guys you know and it doesn't end with people threatening each other. At least not all the time. LOL.

Now that you clarified your "together" remark I understand it and agree with it. I said what I did because in light of all the name calling and accusations going back and forth, someone saying that we were together - as in "of one mind" - made me go "Huh?!" So yes, I agree with you that it's a good thing that we can get together and vent on this blog. I guess it's the digital age's equivalent of choir practice, or its poor cousin.

I want you to understand that by no means do I think the PBA, John Rivera, or anyone else for that matter (including me) is perfect. I just want to interject some balance into the discussion because all I read from the very beginning was constant bashing of the PBA with little if any recognition of some of the great things it's accomplished, and that's unfair.

The vast majority of benefits and protections we enjoy are in place because of the PBA. How many people read ROLL CALL, the PBA's statewide publication? Have you read any of the stories over the years regarding our brother officers, in depts with elected sheriffs and NO representation like the PBA, who have to eat dog crap every day because said sheriff rules the dept like his kingdom and no one can oppose him?

As bad as our dept is, it used to be WORSE before there was a PBA. I remember retired guys telling me how on weekends they'd have to come to the station, ON THEIR OWN TIME, for "equipment inspections." When the PBA came in and said, "Fak that, you gotta pay 'em overtime," the powers that be decided weekend inspections weren't that important. I had one guy tell me that his job, I kid you not, was to go to every convenience store in the south end of the county on a daily basis and get unopened sodas (point "O" of course) until he filled up a case for the sheriff. Incredible.

The dept improved tremendously when we began to be represented, but you know what? I believe that it's getting WORSE again. All the shenanigans that we see on a daily basis are getting out of control. Maybe the PBA has lost some of its fire and maybe it has grown comfortable. Maybe it needs to take a much more proactive role to fight and protest what's going on. But I say, rather than throw the baby out with the bath water, take the PBA and yes, John Rivera and whoever else, to task for what you perceive to be a lack of interest. Voice your opinion, not just here where it really doesn't count for much, but at PBA meetings, where they're going to have to listen to the membership..........or ignore it at their peril.


Barney said...

Alright, this is what I'm talking about.

Policing wasn't that bad when we stated but we were doing in some of our citizens and they demand and got major changes, good or bad, depends on who you ask.

The baby is dead, not only do you have tt throw the water out, you have to bury the baby. (PBA baby)

If you have a system where a police officer has to go to command staff to appeal his case and the chief you appeal to states to you, I'm not here to retry your case or to see if the department did anything wrong to you. I am only here to determine if the level of punishment you received is appropriate. What do you think? This is the written reprimand appeal system within MDPD agreed to by the PBA. I guess I should be glad because before you could not appeal a written reprimand. No, I won't be silent anymore. Let me translate the written reprimand appeal system, I not here to see if the brown weenie they shoved up your ass was wrong but to see if they shoved it up too deep.

The department which is a good department, needs a drastic change, the PBA needs a drastic change. Calling John, who is the cause of this dissention to fix it, is like asking the criminal on the street to help you catch him. (I'm not calling John a criminal but if the shoe fit)

The PBA did good, the person in charge of the PBA today is doing a bad job. This is the fact, when you criticize others and don't look inward, that is wrong. When you are busy slamming the state attorney and you are letting command staff mess with the men, that is wrong and most importantly, when you turn a deaf ear to the plight of the guys, that’s wrong.

So, elected sheriff, stick with the PBA, quit the PBA, get the media, kick assess or kiss asses, are a lot of opinions on what to do. The common ground that I see from all of this is that something has to be done about our abusive, non leadership, bad management that has an ability to go uncheck by our union.

Please no more comparisons with other departments or how it use to be before. I am here now and on this department. A police officer over twenty -eight years ago stated to another police officer, be quiet boy and don't complain, we used to not be able to be on this job, the sheriff is good to us and we need to be silent for others. The officer responded to the first officer and said, you be quiet and silent and all you will be is what you are today grateful for the job. What about promotions and opportunities, do we wait for the sheriff just to give it to us?

No, I won't be quiet and silent, the baby needs to go.

Barney said...

Spartacus, have you ever been to a PBA meeting and expressed yourself and call John to task? Ask those who oppose him openly adn see what happens as his appointed do boy board of defective sit by silently. The key to this PBA is not that they are not interested, they don't care.

If a citizen of this county wants to run for sheriff, he can. A regular guy can have his name place on the ballot and run for sheriff. But,if a common member cannot run from president of the PBA, then something is wrong. That's why we must throw the baby out.

maverick said...

Hey spatafag...still awaiting your response on the PBA's handling of the Bencomo and Nationwide Insurance cases.

Or are you too busy commenting on how great John is....try coming up for air every now and then chicken head.

Oh, one more thing, still waiting for you to tell us who you are. Later suckboy.

doe, john doe said...

Guys, I agree the PBA is a problem, but there is no way you are going rally enough people to do anything about that. WHat there maybe 6 people on this blog who are consistent? The only way cahnge is made is through an outside force acting upon it. The only outside fore we have right now is the media. The only thing that can be changed and is what we all agree upon is the command staff. To force the change we have to get intelligence to the media on what is going on within. We need to expose the coverups and corruption that is occurring at the command level. The media is not interested in the history of the PBA, we need to stay focused and continue to provide information that can be used to expose what is truly going on. What is going on with the Rifkin/Pichardo issue? The stuff with Burgess, Smith and Parker? This information is what needs to be brought to light and exposed for the media to report on. That is waht they are interested in. Stay focused on what we can change now!

VDLV said...

Doe is right. We need a plan. It's amazing that the media has said so little about what is going on. The major of IA is "reassigned" and only the Herald picks up on it. Not even the front page. Yet they put Chief Timoney getting a free lease of a car as a huge story. What about the fact that we have so many officer vacancies on the road? Parker (or the PBA for that matter) could give a damn about the cops on the road. How many districts are working short? How about some investigative bureaus? How short are they working? Yet they continue to put people in IGB and Homeland Security. What about the cops in Police Services Bureau, getting high risk pay just like you and I, but working from the comfort of their desk. Dak Simonton in Systems Development Bureau after molesting an 11-year-old, still making sergeant and now on the lieutenants list. What about the fact that Parker promoted five sergeant overages last year to get to James Dixon, the current POC president, knowing full well Miami Gardens was going on line and they'd have to absorb thirty something sergeants, and then Doral this year. Putting Dixon as an "overage" in robbery. So everyone else who passed the sergeants test has had to wait until this year to get promoted while they're still absorbing all the overages. Making Fuste, an Alvarez friend and supporter, a sergeant in Legal Bureau and now a lieutenant, but acting as a "police legal advisor" so he can keep getting OT and a take home car. The issue is that the don't get a F___ about the cops on the road. They make all those command staff positions, which come directly from officer positions off the road, so they can promote their cronies. This has been going on for too long now. There's the O'Donnells husband-wife majors, the Galindo brother majors, the Pichardo husband-wife majors (even though Richard resigned), and so on. They promote people to major from lieutenant to circumvent the system. Larry Buck...from Animal Control, which was under investigation for animal abuse at the time, Veronica Ferguson from lieuteant--other than coordinate the black officers conference and receive the Exceptional Service Award for that, what has she done? Super express train SHeila Thomas from lieutenant to chief in less than 2 years. It's just a coincidence she's personal friends with Veronica Parker. Parker's daugher Kalika at the Airport, as well as his siter-in-law PSA Walker. Kalika was assigned there before she got off probation, actually I've heard during the last phase of her riding assignments. Then they have us sign "nepotism" oaths!!! WTF!!! Who, but them, has been violing nepotism policies? I feel sorry for those of you who work so hard on the road thinking your hard work will pay off some day. Unless they finally get exposed, it will be more of the same.

lmnop15 said...

VDLV, I could not agree with you more. The media is afraid of the mayor and will not pick up on anything involving this department. The key is outside media, not local media. Look, what is important for parker, wash your car, otherwise I will get you, don’t talk on your cell phone, otherwise I will get you. The push for stats is out the door and like you said, the road is short and yet the push for more and more continues.

I have a suggestion, let start a writing campaign to outside media listing facts about what is going on in this department. VDLV has a list of facts, there are many more on this blog who has listed them also. I am willing to compile them and throw them back up for scrutiny on this blog. If someone know or have a contact with media outside of local, place it here and we will use it. I will check with some outside agencies and place them on this blog. Unless we do this ourselves, it won’t get done.

Continue to blog, list, compare and verify. Don’t be surprised if the john himself writes something how coward we are for blogging anonymously. Our answer to him should be we quit and start from new, we shouldn’t be afraid, we’re cops.

VDLV said...

lmnop15, we cannot give the department something to investigate. As I've said before, we should not use our names, it's best to work "under cover." Otherwise, you'll get targeted and they'll trump up an "anonymous" complaint, like they did on Bob Munecas, and investigate you. I hate to keep bringing him up, but that's exactly what happened. Everyone knows that the "anonymous" complainant was Ricky Smith. The complaint was, I kid you not, "criminal nepotism." If you (lmnop15) want to put all the facts together and re-post them and send them to other media outlets, I think that's a great idea and constructive. Keeping our anonymity is not cowardice, but smart. The time may come when we all are able to come forward. Now is not the time. Let them or John R take their shots--it means nothing. We do not respect or value their opinion anyway. The "department's" other typical comment is that the people who complain are "disgruntled." That's their way of justifying everything. We have good reason to be dissatisfied with the department. We're still working hard fighting crime, so we're not at all disgruntled, just dissatisfied, tired of the corruption. Initiating false, anonymous complaints is cowardice. Lying to us about what's going on is cowardice. Only keeping their inner circle informed is cowardice. What are they hiding? Why is everything top secret? Because information is power, and they try to keep the troops uninformed. That's why so many groups fight for "transparancy" in government. Because as long as we're kept ignorant we have no power, and they have all of the power. By promoting all the young lieuteants like they did, they've managed to keep power for the next 10 years. Instead of promoting the senior people,who've earned and worked for the promotions, they promote new people, taking away any chance any of you have for moving up in the organization into a position of power. They couldn't reward senior officers hard work with a promotion, then as they retire give others an opportunity to move up. We've been "punked" and we didn't even see it coming.

nside needs 315s said...

Ohhhh my god.....Where do I start. I'm sure there are a couple of us who work this hell hole and get up in the morning and ask yourself. What the f**k am I doing in N-Side. Why do I feel this way ? I like what I do. Working the District is has been one of the most gratifying experiences in my 14 years on. But more than ever I ask myself. What the f**k am I doing in N-Side.

Lets go through a typical day out here now. 09-05. My dip-s**t Sergeant wants to talk about the Capt. Seeing dirty cars/ people talking on there cell-phones/ another dumb f***ing memo about stats. My Sergeant's knees shake at the site of the Capt or Major sending one of those things down. (who ever our major is. I think she has a bat cave entrance set up somewhere in the district cause that chick is never around. To be honost, she could pass me in the hallway and I wouldn't recognize her.) Get my eval from 2 or 3 months ago and 8's or 9's have been scratched out by Mr. Memo sender and turned into 5's and 6's.

Ok so time to go handle calls. No wait. We gotta transport H.V.T.s 39's for anything from N.V.D.L. to having a crack pipe. Get to the jail and the A-Forms all f***ed up spend 1 hour looking for one of the 13 names on the A-form so I can fix the damn thing. Can't find anyone so I have to fix it myself. And oh ! Wait ! The guys got dope hiding in his socks. Hot Damn, my bad for thinking guys with a year or less on that got "hand picked" by Mr. Memo Sender know how to pat down a guy. Damn, I should have checked him before I put him in my car. Oh well. At least I'm out of the jail.

Time to go 05 and impound that dope. Now I have to deal with those f***ing chicks on the desk. They make me stand there like a moron for 15 or 20 minutes before they attend me because the walk-ins, the 39's in the cells they personally know, one of the 4 or 5 dinner breaks they take or a criminal registrant is more important than a uniform standing around with her thumb up her ass. And don't you dare go up on that desk yourself or say something because you'll be branded anything from a racsist to an a****le. And don't bother complaining to the brass because " Hey man, things on the desk have been that way for years." Hey Sarge, your right. F**k me for trying to speak up right ?

Lemme pick up some reports before I hit the road to go handle calls cause I'm short some O.I.'s and Case Cards. Oh yeah, thats right. The only reports available are 25 cards and a-forms so old, You need a hammer and chizle to use them.

Ok...Lemme take 15 minutes to grab a bite to eat in Hialeah. No wait....Damn thats right. Theres more people in N.R.WHO ?!? Than on the road to handle calls. So, while theres 20 calls holding and we f***ing road guys and gals are busting our balls running around clearing the district up. The "better half" is at The Big Pink on the Beach or Dogmas on Biscayne Eating.

Catch a 26 subject. And damn, I had to taze him becuase "I ain't going to Jail ma'am." And the guy fights. Now I gotta deal with my Sergaent tap dancing around what I told him to make it sound "Ok" and gets pissed because he/she has to re-write the Use of Force 15 times becuase his/hers "ok"ing it, sounds nothing like the a-form.

Go upstairs to G.I.U. The freaking place sounds like the viewing at a funeral. I toss out a couple of jokes and get a couple of old friends laughing and soon, the guys are having a good time doing their G.I.U. thing. Then here comes the G.I.WHO ? commander. She tells her "Troops" that she hears too much talking and not enough work and orders everyone to be quiet and work. Are you f***ing joking me ?

Finally, time to go home. My daughter is in the hospital because she hit her head at school and the schools calling me saying shes getting transported. Uh oh ! I'm talking on my cell phone while driving my green and white and Mr. Memo Sender sees me....F**k...He wants an R.O.C. and "I don't care if the world is ending, you better not be on your cell-phone and driving."

Finally I get home. Then realize I gotta go do it all over again tomorrow. What the f**k am I doing in N-Side? We got a non-existant Major, a Capt. Who should be riding (not driving) the short bus to work. A G.I.U. Commander who runs her unit like a day care center. Brass (minus a certain ballsy LT. and a days Sarge and afternoon Sarge) who have done things like standing around not doing anything when a female officer is fighting an entire family by herself, handle complaints by making you answer for yourself infront of the people making the complaint against you (and you better say sorry) and question subjects involved in uses of force before even asking if your ok. If you have between 6 months and 2 years on, pick a unit....Anyone you want and its yours.

Did N-Side somehow become the dumping ground for the Departments De-De-Dees ? This place was the s**t when Nanny was here. Does anyone else feel the same way ? God damn. The only way outta this place is promotion (I need a boob job for that), kill someone or get red-flagged for uses of force. Come on N-Side. I know someones gotta feel the same way.

Hello ? Bobby P. Are you listening ?

lmnop15 said...

VDLV, I agree, no names are necessary at this point. Just information. I wouldn’t trust this department to investigate itself out of a paper bag. I don’t think that I said that blogging anonymous is cowardice, did I? I like to format as is. Mr. non-fiction, Ms Lt Happy, Spartacus, spoon, maverick +05, Fed up, jedi-kinight, uryourdaddynow, barney, leaving, and pbasuck. Also the rest of you that are on the blog.
Northsideneeds a 315, I feel you, we all do. I wish I could go up there and put a foot up their butt, I will be kind with words. It used to be a great place to work. Captain clown who walks around like he someone, but all he is, sorry. Clown! Be a man and tell the road guys at your district at roll call what you say upstairs about them. Speak up and then hide behind your gold badge of dishonor. Be a man, you clown. For you I would make an exception and meet you at a place to be named by you. I know, I know no threatening clowns.

Provide the info and I will compile it, this would be a start.

VDLV said...

lmnop15, no you did not say being anonymous is cowardice. I was referring to your comment that John R or other folks would say that it was. And, of course, I said that their opinion means nothing to us. Sorry...
nsideneeds315s, that's too bad. Again, nobody cares about what you guys/gals on the road need. Hammocks district is really short of staff too. The department wouldn't release the numbers of personnel on the road to the county commissioner(s) (I think Gimenez) saying that it was an officer safety issue. (There's a memo from Parker and Alvarez saying this.) When the truth of the matter is they do not want "the people" (who pay the taxes) to know that we are so understaffed on the road. Best kept secret in Miami Dade County. Of course,the cops know, but we just grin and bear it.

lmnop15 said...

gotcha! all of a suddenly, I'm becoming sensitive. Hmmm, so they do not want to give out that number, I'll find out.

Leaving if you are still read the blog blogs, stay and blog

jediknight said...
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leaving said...

lmnop15 I am still here. I am sorry sometimes I just get so frustrated that I just have to take a break. I have however been logging on and reading. I still have not heard from Randy Heller and I guess I will not must put that to rest because he knows what he is. To northside need 315 we all hear you. Sadly enough I had to laugh because at our district those crack pipe arrest are a big deal also. All of the rookies in the special units are kicking ass with those crack pipe arrest but the crime continues to rise. I bet when the Major goes to his monthly meeting he braggs about how many arrests his district is making. The only problem is that he is not telling them that it was 300 crack pipe arrest. Boy will he be in trouble if they decriminalize those laws to reduce the SAO case load. I guess the new arrest of choice will be commercial vehicle markings. Let see you get a stat for an arrest you get a stat for an FI card and you get a stat for a case number WHAT A WINNER!!! Don't worry lmnop15 I am still here. I really think that we can make a difference eventualyy all will be exposed you all will see. Stay safe guys we are on our own.

po4life said...

nside needs 315s your so on point its crazy. first i would like to say i never wanted to get on but after i read your blog i said f- it.second, things are so wrong in n-side forget the shit that lives there im talking about in house. lets start at the top.
major- we know shes there to pass time shell be a cheif soon(and shes not a real cop)
capt. wow where do i start. I dont have to call him a coward or a lier b/c we already know that. He gave us the my door is always open bullshit talk try talking to him after he changed your monthly from an 8 to a 4 see where that gets you.(all talk and not a real cop)
GIU LT- a true hoe i hear shes in bed with 7130. shes worthless and making everyone hate there job.she was supposed to be out of there months ago were still waiting. you know its bad when people that have been there for years are asking if there are any new green and white b/c they want to come back to the road. (was never and is not a real cop)
sgts there are too many to go one by one but there might be 3 in all of northside that is worth working for. days chadwick ,giu cruz and i left 1 blank in case i forgot someone.
the desk (afternoons ofcourse)wow those woman are a bunch of bithches. first you have to be a sgt or above for them not to roll there eyes at you and treat you with respect.they will make you wait there for 10 min or more b/4 they even think of helping you. i trully beleive they all need to go back on the road and relearn what it trully means to be a cop,i think they lost it and they have a false sense of security on the desk. Its funny because cpu filed a compliat on those bitches and where did that go.to all the ofc.s in n-side workers and SLUGS keep your head up things have to change hopefully sooner than later.now that i have started there will be more to follow.(im going to pace myself) take care and to mavrick u are the man for starting this

doe, john doe said...

Come on we are spinning our wheels complaining and no action. We have to start by getting documented information out so there can be some changes. Otherwise this will only be a bitch session forever. See my previous post that other have agreed is a good start. Put your info here so the media can start digging.

doe, john doe said...
Guys, I agree the PBA is a problem, but there is no way you are going rally enough people to do anything about that. WHat there maybe 6 people on this blog who are consistent? The only way cahnge is made is through an outside force acting upon it. The only outside fore we have right now is the media. The only thing that can be changed and is what we all agree upon is the command staff. To force the change we have to get intelligence to the media on what is going on within. We need to expose the coverups and corruption that is occurring at the command level. The media is not interested in the history of the PBA, we need to stay focused and continue to provide information that can be used to expose what is truly going on. What is going on with the Rifkin/Pichardo issue? The stuff with Burgess, Smith and Parker? This information is what needs to be brought to light and exposed for the media to report on. That is waht they are interested in. Stay focused on what we can change now!

lmnop15 said...

Doe John Doe, I disagree, eight bloggers today and who knows tomorrow. Look PO4life is new and on this blog. Bitch session, whine session, get it off your chest session, it’s all good. Information, information no matter what format it comes from, it’s all good.

If you start off with I know the PBA isn’t good but there is nothing we can do about it, then you are right. There will be nothing you can do about it. Historically, everything has a start and takes time. Sometimes longer than one expects. Stay the course and things do change. Women in the police department, how about blacks. If you wait for change then change may never come.

Continue to blog, curse, yell, and bitch, speak your mind, we hear you. My heart goes out to the men and women of Northside district. While I am not assigned there, I feel your pain. I am going to be sending what I read here to outside media, they may take it or not, but I am going to send it. Someone will eventually grab it and run with it. I will be contacting Police Mags and point out this department as dysfunctional from a police officer perspective, they might take it and maybe they won’t but I will be sending it.

This is a start, my wife who is a police officer cannot believe that this goes on in the police department and she volunteered to help.

Remember how they department used to transfer you if you received too many complaints whether justified or not? They used to say, where there’s smoke, there must be fire. Remember? I’ll use the same philosophy; maybe there will be someone that sees the smoke.

Whodat is said...

To nsneeds315s...Great Job, We all feel your pain and it only gets worse. although I'm not there, the scenario is somewhat similar here. Do the job well, very well because we love what we do...Cops that is, not you Ass kissing, cowards that hide behind your frikkin ego because you have bars or stars....thank your pouty lips because thats how you got your rank. Oh yeah and then we may get a commendation for our work...maybe!...kiss my ass and wipe yours with it, Oh boy, Oh boy I got a frickin award...who cares. Let me do my job, leave me alone and take care of your People! thats YOUR Job bar mongers...Oh, and stop blowing your superiors, grow balls like most of the FEMALE road cops we have (just making a point) Ferguson, Guerra, Parker, Rivera, O'Donnell's, Galindo's, Smith, Pichardos (RIP)and the few that know who they are!!! Wake the Fuck up and realize that everyone is starting to pile up against your sorry ass management/chronie/Nepotism style that has put you all on the hot seat and RUINED, yes RUINED this great Dept...I hope that you are all collectively PROUD of your accomplishments.
I have a friend at CNN...maybe I'll have to make an anonymous call like they do! NOT...dialing as we speak.

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